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Hp sucks

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Can you hear me now, HP webcam? 'Cause you're REALLY tickin' me off. Hey children, woaaahh I need to take this out. Pardon that. Today I was gonna make a vlog about things that make me really angry and that's what I'm going to do over the next 4-5 minutes And, uh. I just had another thing added onto my list. And that's..I hate this HP webcam. A lot. Becauusee.. It's not recording really anything I say. Really bright. Things that make me angry. Hmm. That list will never end. Windows movie maker, uhm. I'm pretty sure it's made for the average, everyday American And it's supposed to be really simple and easy to use for everyone. You just wanna make a quick movie, or edit a home video You should be able to do it. Guess what.. It's not that easy. Unfortunately Microsoft is too stupid to..Let it work! I don't know how..Else.. It doesn't make sense to me, pretty much. I'm not a huge computer whiz, obviously. Or else I would have this.. Big.. High tech fancy computer ..With a nice editing system. Plus, I'm a cheapo. You know, you'll be saving the movie from a project file to an actual Windows Movie Maker file And it'll be like: Processing. Processing. Processing. OH WAIT. Oh wait.. I'm gonna freeze your computer now. And it's like "Dude? What the crap?" Yup. I just said 'What that crap'. 8th grade.. Yeah it.. It stresses me out more than anything. I like Cola. Screw it. Did you catch that pun? Yeah. I just.. I just..Yeah. Something else that upsets me lately.. I'm still trying to screw this on.. Something else that upsedsfkjlksmvsdl. Tongue tied. that's another thing that upsets me. Youtube? What's wrong with you? I posted a video and so did my friend Emily, and uh. You blocked the audio. I..I. Don't. Understand. Help me. Because there's really nothing wrong with Kimya Dawson music? I..Don't see how that violates your "laws" and "rules" and whatnot. But apparently it does. And um.. I hate it. I hate it. My teeth are probably really yellow. You can't hear anything I'm saying because HP SUCKS. Anyway. Look it's delayed. DELAYED. You're stupid and I hate you. Not you. I love you. Probably can't hear anything I"m saying and I'm going to have to put subtitles. And I would say "Oh, I'll just plug in my microphone and I'll usemy microphone instead of this crappy little hole in the screen." But no, no no. Annie has it. Thank you, Annie. For making tonight fantastic. kudos. I'm an insomniac lately. I can't sleep at all. It's twelve o'clock right now but I can promise you I won't be in bed until four. Just saying. But yeah. On the video that I posted with uh. well the one that Youtube blocked the audio on. You really didn't miss anything besides me and my Emily on our natural drunk. You know that point in the morning where it's too early to remember anything, and everythings funny, and everything gets turned into a dare? Yeah. We were in that stage. That's really I have to rant about for now. I'm gonna go now and edit this. Bye.

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Posted by: morganmizell on Jun 24, 2010


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