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Myles' experience with debt V2

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Hi, some of you will know me by now. My name's Myles. I got involved in the debt industry in 2012. Actually as a Debt Councilor for a company that was offering full and final settlement debt management plans. When I went for the interview, the first thing the asked me was 'Had I been in debt?' And the answer to that is yes, I've been in a debt management plan. So I know how hard it can be. I know how good it can be to relieve the pain from people. I went through my training process and then I went out and I was looking after the London and basically the South and Southwest of the UK. I can tell you some very funny stories, some very tragic stories, about people in debt. People in general don't talk about debt. They don't go to the pub and talk to their mate Bill... "Credit cards are chasing me, loans are chasing me etc." It's a bit of a taboo subject. Although, it is becoming more widely accepted now. You can find it on the news Martin Lewis program on a Monday on ITV. There is no race, creed or colour divide in people in debt. I've seen people in £10 Million houses in Sandbanks in Pool who can't make me a coffee because there's nothing in the cupboards. still trying to live that lifestyle. I've seen old Soldiers, down in South Wales who've got no food in the cupboards I've actually brought one old boy, I went down to Tesco's with him and spent about a tenner on food him just to help him out. Some of the stories would make you cry, some of them would make you laugh. In terms of cross section as a society, lawyers, dentists, tax inspectors road sweepers, post office workers. There's no divide. And our job is to see if we can help you. But to see if we can help you, we need to talk to you. So if you have arranged an appointment pick your phone up. Because we can't help you without talking to you. And for 5 minutes of your time we might be able to change your whole life. Make things easier, but again it's not a get out of debt free scheme. You've got to go through some pain still I'm afraid. Obviously, you've gone through the pain of making the appointment hopefully. And then you're going to get asked questions to see if you qualify. And then, it's a 2 year program. But the best thing about that is we can guarantee at the end of that period you'll have your debts made, if they qualify, unenforceable or written off. And the guarantee is, if we can't do that, we'll refund any money I say we, the solicitor group will refund any money you've been charged on that debt. So before you look at other debt options, why don't we find out if you actually owe the money. That's the important thing. That's enough for now, crack on!

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