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le tourisme au maroc - Vidéo2

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7,9 million tourists have visited Morocco in 2008, a forcast unveiled by the minister in charge at the government council discussed in this edition and to do even better than the 7% increase reached this year, the Kingdom could focus on the sports attracting the fans of waves, grind, or dune slopes, evoked this afternoon at the fourth sport forum of tourism in Casablanca Water sports, snow sports or mountain sports, activities that are part of the touristic offers of Morocco in recent years according to the World Tourism Organization , sport will be soon the second activity demanded by tourists after the resorts. We did a long term study and for 2020, we have determined that sport,one such as a touristic product segment would be one of principal segments and touristic products in the future, what is needed is having the necessary infrastructure and a strategy to attract this market segment which is very important Sport as a mean to attract more tourists to the destination Morocco is the idea defended in the Casablanca forum Sport and tourism, an event now in its fourth edition we are in our fourth edition of this forum it shows the importance of the connection that we want to build between the field of sport and tourism which today is quite a niche investable by sport experts and tourism that we want to operate to the maximum All this will give us new employment niches extremely important with the high added value coach, manager, educator coaches, officials ... they are jobs that will exist in the years 2010-2020 The development of sportive tourism in Morocco will create 3500 direct jobs between now and 2015 efforts must be provided to for the professionals at the level of training to support the increase of activities offered to tourists

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Tourism in Morocco

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