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In the previous episode of "IN FORMA with Starbene" we saw that there is a close link between the intestine and the brain, and that our psycho-physical wellbeing directly depends on a correct relationship between brain and intestine. Today we're looking at the brain, which is regularly subjected to numerous factors of stress. At this time of the year, these could be the effects of the change of season and for students revision for exams at the end of the academic year. So how can we deal with the slowdown in our psycho-physical wellbeing brought about by the change of season, work commitments and exams, without tiring our brain, but, on the contrary, helping it overcome stress and fatigue? First, with a healthy, natural diet, a balanced lifestyle and by making use of physiological nutraceuticals. Stress is not something negative, rather, it provides us with stimuli. How can we prepare for stress? We can prepare by paying special attention to what we eat and how we behave. Let's start with what we eat: I would advise a "TomThumb" diet, which means, over the course of the day, eating numerous small portions of fruit and vegetables. So that when you sit down to your main meals you never have that ravenous voracity which comes from not eating for hours. Whereas, if you introduce the sugars as well as the antioxidants, fibre, minerals, vitamins that you find in fruit, in a kiwi, in a mandarin, in strawberries, in all that lovely food we have in the summer, it modulates our sugar levels as well as our stress. The "Tomthumb" diet also includes many substances that can be introduced individually, and usefully in order to "int├ęgrer", from the French: to complete, to make an important moment complete, especially at this time of year for many students who are revising for their exams, for athletes preparing for competitions, or quite simply, as we deal with the demands and commitments of daily life. Other useful advice for the wellbeing of our brain? Don't smoke, go to bed early, drink alcohol in extreme moderation, such as a glass of red wine during meals, whose high polyphenol content helps protect the microcirculation. Don't sit in front of a computer or spend too much time in front of a screen before going to bed, because the light from the screen interferes with the production of melatonin, an important hormone that helps us sleep. Also, don't eat a heavy meal before going to bed, allow at least two hours to pass between your last meal and bedtime. Also remember that regular healthy physical activity, time spent relaxing and having fun, and a good night's sleep are fundamental for good brain functionality and the psycho-physical wellbeing of the entire body. Generally speaking, the rule is: moderation, in all things. Our body is like a large building, with several different floors, and the ground floor is our intestine, which is the important intersection, the important moment, the interport where many different nutrients and substances are coming in and then have to travel back through our circulation beyond the blood-brain barrier to take signals to our brain. As we said, the brain is very vulnerable to stress of a psychic and psycho-physical nature, so its defence begins with food and food is the nutrient, food is nutraceutical, so in this case we also need substances that provide us with stimuli positive and propositive stimuli, such as green tea, black tea, or Indian ginseng, whose root contains more than eighty valuable substances. Selenium is certainly an important antioxidant not just for our brain but for our whole body and there is a great need for selenium, because in food, processed food, these substances are enitrely lost. Coenzyme Q10, also known as ubiquinone, is a substance of great importance, of extreme value for an effective response at the level of the nervous system.

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