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Letyat Zhuravli Clip

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Boris! Yes? Come here. What's going on? 25 years old and you, forgive me, are being a fool. What are we, children? Are these games? Hide-and-Seek? He wanted romance! What a character. Where are Irina and Mark? Irina is making the coffe and Mark went to buy wine. Coffee, wine! Oh people... Irina! Hmm? Bring me the bottle from the medicine cabinet - Boris! - Hmm? Come here. Where's Veronika? - She's coming now. - Where is she? She's busy. That's not good. She should be here. Her fiance is leaving. I'm not her fiance. - Who then? - I'm just... You're just what? - No, papa, don't joke about it. - Then what? Don't bother me about it Why are you bothering him... Here. From the medecine cabinet. Well, add the correct water. - What about the port? You can keep that. We'll have the hard stuff. Is this everyone? Sit. Veronika! Go greet your bride...non-fiance. Finally! We were watching from the factory. Please, come in. I thought the bride had arrived. Boris Fyodorich, we came from the factory. They asked us to give you these gifts. Oh, excuse me, this one. Thanks. - They asked us to speak on behalf of the Moscow Committee - and the Union Organization We've already heard, Comrade Boris, to the last drop of blood, fight to beat the Fascists! And we at the factory will not falter, not grow weary! We have heard it all from the news. Girls, why don't you sit down and drink to my son, Boris. Sit. So these days life is not going as harmoniously or as smoothly as we would like. Here you are going to war, Boris - Let's have a drink. - To you!

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Posted by: hollyday112 on May 10, 2010

Clip from the film "The Cranes Are Flying"

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