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Stop mining industry greed

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Clean water. Fresh air. White snow. Deep forests. This is where we come from. This is what we live from. Now, mining industry threatens to destroy our lands. Companies - from all over the world - want to convert the natural wealth into money. They leave only devastated mountains, forests, and rivers behind. An impoverished future for our children. Ruoddevarre, Laponia World Heritage Area Serek national park - The World Heritage Area of Laponia Barddetjahkka, Sarek national park Laponia Is this what we need? Is this what we want? (♪lyrics) Oh dearest friends of mine allow me to be so unkind and wish you for eternal times to just disappear. I've got a thing to tell I hope you all to burn in hell and right out frank and live as well you're not welcome here. So please let us be. We don't want your mining industry. It's not what we need. We've had enough of you in Sami. You're harvesting mineral In our land that the state stole (They refer to the Swedish government that stole the land of the Sami and is now outsourcing it to companies) and profit in large numbers, but [human] lives you ignore This is the hate song ORE-SEARCHING BY THE SWEDISH STATE I wish your doom to come may everything you [coercively] took from us, rotten with you We are only a "brake" in the opening of your mountain crusher you don't give a shit about us But god dammit how we will fight! My Spell Kiss our asses We don't want you here Rather deers than your mines We cannot sell our lakes, lands and alps This earth is our lives, our responsibility and duty You want to rape, and make dirty our land Now you go to hell, we never give up. To whom who dig those holes, may the devil turd you all. In your own graves you shall fall. with no love from us the local people. Wherever you live in this world: Join the movement of the Local People! We believe in the future Music Adams Calendar: Mandy Senger/Marco Thiele Tsumbaráigi (My Spell) - a letter from a local people: Max Mackhé Production: Tor Lundberg

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Duration: 7 minutes and 26 seconds
Country: Sweden
Language: English
Producer: Tor Lundberg
Director: Tor Lundberg
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Posted by: soshalkidiki on Nov 13, 2012

This is a video from The Local People in Sweden. Join the movement.

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