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Gilberto Gil- Objeto Semi Identificado

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- Say there. - I tell myself. - You tell me. - And tongues as of fire became divisible. - And tongues as of fire became divisible. And were distributed and over each one of them one sat. And they all were filled with the holy spirit... ... and began to speak in different languages. - What I really like is to eat with coriander. A moqueca, a salad, culture, feijoada, lucidity, madness. I really like to stay trough the insides. as I stood in the belly of Claudina; An old Bahiana woman, hundred per cent. - Everything is number. Love is the knowledge of the numbers and nothing is infinite. In other words: does it fit here in the space of kiss and hunger? No. It is what exists plus what's missed. - The intruder told me all the moves of all the places where he passed trough. With a smile in his lips he said: "Eternity is the wife of man. Therefore eternity is your grandfather." Buy, look, turn, stir. Maybe in the package you find what you need. Stop, listen, walk, see. It costs nothing. Only costs you your life. - Between the word and the act descends the shadow. The identified object, the covered one, the flying-saucer, the astral seed. - Culture, civilization? only interest me while serving as food, while sneer, juice dish, tip, flap, information... - The madness, the glasses, the toothpaste, the difference between 3 and 7. I create. Death, the marriage from the spell with the sorcerer. Death is the only freedom, the only heritage left by the unknown god, the concealed, the object semi-identified object, the un object, the god object. - The number 8 is the infinite, the infinite standed up, the infinite alive, as my consciousness now - Each abolished difference by the blood that drips from the leaves of the tree of death. I am the one who discreate the world at each new discovery. Or just: This show is just another chapter from the novel "Deus e o Diabo..." (God and the devil...) etc... etc - The number 8 divided is the infinite divided by half. My objective now is my infinite. Namely: the half of the infinite, of which one half is me, and the other half is beyond myself. - And end of chatting. - That's ok.

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Duration: 5 minutes and 18 seconds
Country: Brazil
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Posted by: glpwagnerg on Jun 8, 2011

Track from the álbum Gilberto Gil 1969. (with Wally Salomao)

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