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GLS 2011- highlights sessions-Len Schlesinger & Cory Booker

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Well, it is an awesome privilege for me to introduce our next speaker Les Schlesinger we are all entrepreneurs only too few of us get to practice it Now my job is to show you quite honestly just how easy it is to practice it believe in the future by creating it first take small steps with what you got at hand not big leaps...small steps stop worrying about what you want to do and start worrying about what you want to do next Before you can truly stand tall you need to understand something that you are born as a magical result of a grand conspiracy of love! this world has forces that would try to crush you but even worse than that they would try to low and seduce you into mediocrity Abraham Lincoln said "everyone is born an original but sadly most die copies" Don´t accept your existense as it is...rise! We are here because of people who had extraordinary vision and the courage to stand up and do something about it But before you tell me what you have to say and how you pray show me first on how you choose to live and give Because who you are speaks so loudly I can´t hear one thing you say Let us now stand up let´s stand and tell our thruth to a world that is yearning for let´s stand because people stood for us and fought for us and bled for us let´s stand because what Federick Douglas said was right "In this world we don´t get everything we paid for but we must pay for everything we get Let´s stand! Because what Martin Luther said was right change will never roll in other weels of inevitability it was carried in on the backs of soldiers who would stand and fight for Let us stand up! with all our honor and our dignity! and our courage! and our love! and if we stand like this then we the people we´ll find the way to get to the roof! God bless you Thank you

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Posted by: oscarzamora on Sep 27, 2011

Highlights of sessionn 1 and 2 of the 2011 GLS

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