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2012 Karma Explained

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Karma Explained Hi Everyone In this interview we are walking one question and perspective And the question is, and I quote: "Why am I here on Earth? What is the cause of Karma? The cause of karma of my previous Lives And this Life to bring me here on Earth Why did I have that previous demon possession experience? What caused it? I'd always believe that it was caused by demons But demons have been removed haven't they? But occasionally I.. Still have illusory, auditory, perception of Strange sounds. Why is that?" Alright, unquote The unquote before the alright It's Specific So let's have a look at the first section of this question first "Why am I here on earth? What is the cause of karma? The cause of karma of my previous Life and this Life To bring me here on Earth" Unquote Alright, so Being here on Earth Has got "nothing" to do with karma In a sense of these spiritualized definition thereof We are not on this Earth To learn lessons To pay for previous Life karma To accumulate karmic points or be reduced from karmic points And you remember the whole spiritualized Karmical sense of Making this apparent Life on Earth so important When I mean this simple question we have to ask ourselves is: If karma really in fact real And everyone was really apparently learning some lessons through out their Lives With the amount Of human beings that's being born into this world Every single minute And growing up through out their Lives, through out the time of Human civilization There should have been some kind of an inkling of real evolution of humanity Co-exsiting, co-creating Changing the relationship to the physical existence To each other? To ourselves? Is any of that in anyway manifesting? No Because where are most human beings being born into? Within this physical existence The impoverished, starving Famine, war-torn countries within this world So Unless there was some agreement made between the world system of money And karma In terms of human beings being born into this world after learning some really valuable lesson in their Lives? And the world system Like we are suppose to provide them With a Life where they can grow up You know and live and become profits, or some teachers That share their absolute Life lessons to all of humanity That will help all of humanity become better, and greater and things like that Then the world system of money has not kept its deal Or its end of the agreement Because it seems like most human beings that really is Suppose to have come to teach humanity Life lessons Is being born into impoverished, starving Famine, war-torn countries And maybe that's why We don't have all the profits and teachers And these magnificent enlightened human beings coming And bringing forth solutions on this Earth The points I am making here is the following: That karma In its value Does not in any way exist within the spiritualized sense Because I mean humanity, has gone nowhere We have only become worse With more than half the world starving ?? I mean how much more obvious Must it become on this Earth That spirtuality and religion And the mind, the now, the secret Light, love The god, the goddesses, the Everything that's basically been within this world has not made Made one iota of a difference To what's happening to this existence because Everything was based on energy Everything was based in the mind And human beings have not seeing, realize and understood That the only way that we are going to change this physical existence Is through taking responsibility For our own minds, within ourselves For ourselves And standing in responsibility For everything and everyone else In equality and oneness So In terms of why we are here on Earth Is simply consequence It has Nothing to do with lessons or karma Or anything like that It's simply consequence I mean we have, throughout time From the beginning of our existence; "the moment" We emerged As energy We damned ourselves eternally Because we became energy In complete unawareness And from that moment that energy existed We've given energy absolute authority and power Over us Throughout time, throughout existence I mean I strongly suggest reading the Heaven's Journey to Life blogs There the whole history from the starting point of our existence Is being walked in absolutely detail And then within that one can walk the... Invest within the Altlantean interview series on EQAFE Within that they are walking the process from the beginning In terms of how we as beings in existence From the beginning Essentially created and manifested the mind, the physical body The physical existence So Within that understand Why we are here is a story That in fact start from the very beginning of our existence As energy itself So I'm not going to walk it in detail here, it has been walked in detail in the Blogs and the interviews that I have just suggested To read through and invest in But essentially in a nutshell what the process walked Is how we Had, because we emerged as energy In complete unwareness And allowed energy to create everything in existence for us We are now within a physical existence With a mind consciousness system and a physical body That we have no idea how everything really in fact, in detail Operate, function and exist I mean scientist can still not yet Explain The detail of the functionings of the brain How much of the human physical body and this physical existence is still to this day being discovered I mean that is because we did not, in awareness Create what is here Everything happen unconsciously through ourselves as energy So within that thus regrading the process why you are here You are here to get to know yourself As your mind As your physical body As this physical existence You have got this one Life, this one opportunity In terms of getting to know, how on earth How in existence Did we in fact create ourselves as the mind, the physical body and existence as a whole So that we can find out why and how it is That human nature exists the way it does Why it is that the world system of money exists the way it does? Why it is that we are who we are and what and how we live? I mean all of those whys All those answers exists Within you. It is here "as you" It is because the answer "is you" The answer is not out there There answer is here as self So if you understand How your mind in fact work, operate and function You will start seeing How this world system really in fact function The world system of money in its relationship with Physical existence Will start understanding how relationships exist Energy exists I mean everything will open up Because you are existing as it in fact So, the two dimensions of why we are here on earth Consequence And within that also opportunity Meaning: where we can change consequence from just continuing creating consequence And accepting and allowing everything to continue "existing as is" Or one can assist and support oneself within one's process In terms of utilizing this one Life This one opportunity To finally take directive principle Of oneself within one's living and within this existence As a whole I mean we have got this massive physical existence here But we are just busy fuicking it up, because of the mind And if we just change ourselves within ourselves To co-exist, co-create, help ourselves Help each other I mean Why go through a period of fucking up this entire physical existence With Wars And I mean god knows what we will do to ourselves And each other When it is taken How many Life times Through out time within existence to create and manifest What is here, I mean this is Magnificent This very physical existence The very physical human body I mean imagine what it is that we do not really in fact understand Because we are missing it Within our separation from it In our minds In this limited fuicked up space in our brain So Assist and support yourself, to gift yourself Life Which is the process Of assisting and supporting you To stop the mind Stop energy And "Live" with what is Life As an example of Life As your human physical body and This physical existence as a whole So this is why, you are here on earth Essentially you make that decision yourself Within who you are Are you here on this earth to simply Have the mind control, direct, influence and Essentially fuck you up internally ? take over, possess? I mean what was then your worth, your value? Your contribution? To yourself And to this Life and to all within this existence? When you have every single moment of breath to decide who you are To live that decision So I'd commit myself To I am here, I am breathing, I have this opportunity And aligning myself and my living to get to know my mind, my physical body And this physical existence to Stand as a living example Of the Potential that exists within us human beings If we would but to stop Mind, as energy Alright, now in terms of Demons and demon possessions Yes, a Long time ago demons Really did in fact exist And they did possess Human beings On earth, but understand Even then when demons existed, that possess human beings Externally That or such possessions Again could only exist if the demons Had the resources within the human being's mind Do we able to possess them Thus Demon possession was not something that was just a demon's responsibility With equally as one, the human being's responsibility And I strongly suggest having a listen to and investing within The journey into the afterlife Series available on EQAFE As within that the entire relationship of demons to human beings are also being walked, in details And just to give you an understanding of how they operated and function They needed, energy, to be able to exist And so They would essentially only possess human beings with an exceptional amount of energies Especially fear The anger, hatred, revenge Things like that, thus I mean if the human being themselves did not consist of exist as those energies Demons would not be able to possess therefore It's both the human and the demon's responsibility of where within that context and the demons have walked their process Within existence In their self-forgiveness And the now it's Human being's processes is taking responsibility for themselves Therefore demons no longer exist Any manifestations of possessions which essentially Understand It's not that the demons necessary possess the human being in that Whatever the demon did Wasn't something that the demon brought through Whatever the demon possessed was already existed in that human being as the mind Thus The human being was essentially simply being possessed By their own mind So a demon simply accentuating What was already existing the human being's mind And the demon will simply then take the energy That the mind and human being and the physical would experience As the demon accentuate The mind demons, if you will Of the human being that they created themselves So I mean many human beings utilize "I'm possessed Or I have been possessed Or demons are possessing me" things like that Within an interesting starting point of simply Not wanting to take responsibility For one's own mind I mean it's a very easy to blame And take everything that is happening in your mind because of a demon I mean Really very easy you can just say it If you even make yourself believe it and Thoughts coming up in your mind and saying: It's a demon, it's a demon, it's a demon But your "mind's" telling you: That it's a demon And you are convincing you in your own mind, that it is a demon So who's creating the demon? You within your self, in your own mind Thus understand any experiences as of apparent demonic possession within you Is your own mind It's not actual real demons And your mind is essentially saying to you: It's demons So that you don't take responsibility for your own mind consciousness system Because if you keep blaming demons What are you going to keep doing in that blame? Blame is attention Blame is participation Blame is energy And you mind is going to sit back And enjoy the ride So assist and support oneself, to not use Demon possession or possession as an excuse to not take responsibility for self within one's own mind consciousness system You are only making your own process more difficult More longer, more harder We have to realize that we have been our own demon within ourselves All along The externalize manifestation of demons in the heaven existence Was simply a mirror Of what we are in fact and always have been existing as Within ourselves within our own minds so here again, your process is Equal and one and exactly the same Whenever that Thought comes up: Oh my god I am possessed I am possessed with demon or whatever Stop the thought Have a look at what are your internal conversations that's coming up What are the reactions, what's the energies Do your writing, do your self-forgiveness Take responsibility for what is going on inside you Then if you are having troubles or problems The desteni forums are available If this experience doesn't want to go away So that we can help you see it Play it out See what it is that you are not wanting to take responsibility for But blaming on an apparent possession And having the And having the illusory, auditory Perception of strange non-verbal sounds We suggest having a listen to the previous interview We'll link it within this interview regarding What we walked on hallucinations And also I mean try to understand that There are somethings that Are in physical reality that you might hear But your mind may make something big out of it like You know it's not really there Or you are hearing something supernatural or something like that When your Senses are really hightened When you are in fear Like you hear everything all the time at the same time Again here, breathe Be physical and you know if those sounds come with fears Or reactions Assist and support yourself with writing Self-forgiveness Again if that process does not assist and support We are on the forums Ask, and you shall receive Alright that's it for this interview Thank you very much

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2012 Karma Explained

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