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- Hey, everybody, happy Thursday. Just wanted to drop in, say hi, and to remind you about Saturday's theater acting workshop here at the House of Hope 1013 Eleanor St. in College Station. Our cross street is Holliman, we are directly across from the Lincoln Rec Center. You won't want to miss it, I'll say it'll be a time of fun, of laughter, of infusing a little bit of joy in what may have been a rough week for some of us. We just want to give you a time of creativity, creative outlet, family, interaction and bonding time that's good, you know, you don't have to lecture your kids, no, "stop that, stop that" to you in the theater, in the theater, on stage, you know, you can just let it all loose to release all that energy and to give your kids, you know, maybe, you don't know what your kids are interested, maybe they don't know what they're interested in, you know, what they're passionate about. So you know, might just be something to help them get some ideas and some fresh inspiration, you know. I love the theater. I love acting that's really all I wanted to do was act and sing when I was a little girl and doing it now as an adult it has been cathartic, like I've really just gotten on the road to healing from just getting all of those emotions and stress and things out on the stage. So, come ready to learn about stage center, center stage, about hitting your mark about how to make people laugh and cry and about maybe how to get a standing ovation, I'll show you some good techniques. Also, I wanted to say we are making efforts to become more accessible, you know, we think about translating documents into a different language, from English to maybe Spanish you know, thinking about translating our posters and adding braille, close captioning to videos so we're working on that. For our moms who may not be able to read and write as well as they would like to, to help moms who may have an intellectual disability we're all still human beings and we all should be able to live with dignity, to be accepted and feel accepted and welcome in the community and that's what we want to do. We're here for you, and I just want to say take some time, be kind to yourself, reach out to somebody else no matter what political party or whatever, we're still all just human beings, right? Yeah, so have a good rest of your day and hopefully I will see you Saturday, February 2nd, 10am House of Hope. Bye

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