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Passione Gavi - Marchese Luca Spinola

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My passion for the land comes from my family, especially from my father, who ran the farm. This estate has always belonged to my family, the Spinola family, a centuries-old family originally from Genoa. We have 15 hectares of vineyards, all growing the Cortese di Gavi grape. We're located in Rovereto, between Rovereto and Tassarolo, one of the best areas for the production of Cortese, so I only produce Gavi and use natural production processes. Thanks to our position, we have excellent sunlight exposure. And together with the air from the sea, we enjoy a special microclimate. Thanks to its particular minerality, Gavi is very popular abroad because it's a wine that goes with a full range of international dishes. We export around the world, to the USA, Japan, and, more recently, to the UK too. The wine's acidity also means that it ages well, developing different characteristics to its initial ones. Initially, Gavi has predominantly floral characteristics, fresh fruit notes, over time it takes on the connotations of exotic fruit, like pineapple and banana. So in the bottle too the wine continues to evolve. We are innovators and I like the combination of the "history of Gavi and innovation". Over the years, thanks to the work of my agronomist and my enologist, I've developed some new products. For example, I produce the yeasts that we use in the fermentation process. They are native yeasts which I extrapolated with the assistance of a chemistry lab, from our oldest vines. We chose the strongest clone, the one that supported the entire fermentation process and reproduced it. Thanks to the help of a rabbi from the USA, we used a sulphite-free Gavi to develop the world's first kosher Gavi. In 2014, I applied for biological conversion which, within three years will enable me to label the bottles as certified organic wine. This means we are making a truly unique organic wine, which reflects my winery, the air and all the animals that live here.

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Passione Gavi - Marchese Luca Spinola

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