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Shine on final Spanish

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Shine on Oh Diego, you're not gonna post that, are you? Wait, what? That video, it will embarrass both of us I was just trying to point out how we can recycle and help save the planet. That video isn't gonna do any good. Is it really that bad? Trust me man, you don't have what it takes and that's a fact. Hey! Here's a fact for you: if I listened to the Challenging Voice inside my head, I would never shine my Light. But I don't get it, you're a lightning bug that's what you do. Yeah, I know right?! But like you, when my Challenging Voice gets loud I can start to doubt who I really am. A lightning bug More like a stink bug huh Yeah, who left the window open? If I’d listened to these guys, I would never be able to do this: Watch out! But how do you ignore the voice? Sometimes it can get so loud. Well, what I do is I try and quiet myself you know I take a deep breath and then I listen to that soft voice deep down inside that always encourages me to believe in myself. Well, how can you tell it's your True Voice? Are you kidding me? If you listen to this firebug and post this video of yours, you're gonna get burnt. Maybe, maybe I don't have that voice you're talking about Sure you do! Remember when you were learning to roller skate? There must have been a voice deep down inside you that wasn't afraid, and you knew you could do it. Oh yeah, I remember. We could have broken our neck but look what you found out about yourself You discovered that you have an amazing talent for it. And now you can share it with the world. Our tailbone was sore for weeks, but it was worth it right? uhul! See, that little cockroach is reckless. He couldn't care less if you get embarrassed by that video. That's just fear talking, Can't you feel it? Oh Diego, listen to this bug brain and you're gonna be hurting for certain. I'm telling you that dumb video is not gonna make a difference. So why risk getting hurt? That's just your Challenging Voice talking you can tell by how afraid it is. It's afraid of you shining your Light Why don't you just bug off!? Ah kid, you just got scared. No one can blame ya. You gotta look out for yourself in this world. Now delete that silly video and let's call it a night. Hey, what what are you, what are you doing? Stop that. Stop it! To shine your Light, all you've got to do is care so shine on man, shine on. wait, wait, you're making a big mistake, just hear me out! What are you doing? Nooooooo All right, good going kid I knew you had it in you I guess we all have it in us, you just gotta listen for it. Bingo! Never stop caring kid. I’ll catch you later.

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Posted by: mosheoliveira on Apr 9, 2021

Shine on final Spanish

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