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דייויד אייק Camelot David Icke. Камелот. Дэвид Айк-02

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You think I’m mentally ill, don’t you? And you know what it’s like: And I said: So what does that say about you? Because you’ve actually paid to come here to ridicule someone you actually believe is mentally ill. I tell you what, you could hear a pin drop. And you could hear a pin drop for the rest of the night. To do what I’ve done in terms of talking about some really bizarre things, you know, my name still only has to be mentioned in a national newspaper in Britain and it’s like complete ridicule, whatever I’m saying. It’s toned down a bit. A little bit, but not very much. I mean, I stood for election in a parliamentary bi-election in July last year, July 2008 -- not to get elected -- I knew I wouldn’t get any votes; I didn’t want any votes. I mean, I must be the first parliamentary candidate ever to put out a leaflet to everyone in the constituency saying: I don’t want your votes, just your brief attention. Goodness me, I didn’t want to get involved in that! But, again, it was a great experience and I learned a lot from it. But the media coverage was... I did a media presentation for the national press which was about, I don’t know, 50 minutes, PowerPoint pictures and stuff, in which I talked about the five-sense level of it. Because anything else, I mean, even that blew their bloody minds. Anything else, reptilians... I mean, crikey. What they did is they just went away and just abused me, and abused it, and ridiculed me. And ironically, the one that did the most abuse... One of the things I said was coming, actually about six weeks later, was actually the front page story in his own newspaper. I mean, it’s bizarre. These people have total cognitive dissonance so that they can’t put these two things together. So it’s still there, but it doesn’t matter, you know. We’re in a situation where, thanks to the Internet, we can bypass these sad people that work with their concrete minds in the mainstream media. And you don’t have to reach everybody, just enough people. It’s The Hundredth Monkey principle. Yeah. I’ll tell you what I feel more and more, you know. I mean... Look, I can feel it when I speak, anyone speaks. It’s a vibrational communication. There’s silence between you and me. There’s silence when you speak to me until my brain’s decoded it. What it is, is vibrational communication. And I feel very strongly that it’s not just the people that hear this information, it’s the fact that this information’s circulating. If you do an interview for a radio station, 100,000 people might listen to it. But that broadcast frequency carrying that information is passing through the ether, if you like, and is there to be potentially picked up by people who don’t even listen to the radio interview. It touches them on a vibrational level, and, you know... I think that’s right. You’re talking about The Butterfly Effect, in essence. It multiples. That’s actually a very good way to put it. You know, on a subliminal level... because we exist on so many different levels. Exactly. It’s like waves. It’s actually... it’s hitting them. And there’s the line that I’ve been quoting lately that says, you know: We learn by osmosis just as much as by word. It actually permeates just by osmosis. Into our skin. Into our brain. - Exactly. -We’re receivers. Exactly. We’re receiver / transmitters. That’s what we are. But people think that the only form of communication is voice-to-ear I’ll tell you a funny story. In 2003 I was in the rain forest of Brazil and I took this ayahuasca psychoactive drug. Somebody didn’t tell me I was taking a psychoactive drug, but I’m glad I did, though. It was fantastic. A lot of people have bad experience, but... This female voice talked to me as loud as mine is now for five hours about how reality, physical reality, is an illusion. Absolutely riveting stuff. Very, very funny. I mean, my feet were the air a couple of times, it was so funny what was coming out. And as the voice was telling me things, I saw pictures that obviously were being projected. There was one where I walked out on a stage and there was an audience. I just saw the front of the audience here and this voice said: You only speak words to keep the mind happy, basically to keep the brain happy. And as this voice was saying this, I saw two women in the front row of this scene that had been projected to me, and I’d walked out to the front of the stage and I’d just stood there, and just said nothing – Silence. And after a while this one woman nudges the other one like that and goes, basically: What’s he doing? And the voice... it was so funny what it said because it came out of nowhere. The voice said; You only speak because if you did not, the audience would be asking when the fuck is he going to start? That actually carries a profound kind of understanding, because the real communication between all of us is unspoken. And this is very good news. And this is what I would impress upon people. The more you speak your truth - even if people are not listening - you’re changing, or offering, a vibrational field which other people can tune into. You know, when I look at the speed at which people are awakening, it’s not just because of information on the Internet. It’s not just because of information in my books or someone else’s books. There is something massive going on, vibrationally, which fits totally with what I got through that psychic in 1990, which was: There is a spiritual revolution coming and it’s taking the form of a vibrational change. I can see it. In 1990 - no evidence. Now? I mean, please. You can see it. I had people come up to me in LA when I spoke there recently, saying: I was absolutely a part of the system until three months ago. - Right. I read one of your books and suddenly I’m just totally different. Now, it’s not just because they read one of my books. If you start tuning in to this vibrational change, then bang! Things can happen real, real quick. And, personally, I find it such a good thing that, from my experience, I went through all that... that nightmare experience in the early 1990s when I started to awake, not knowing what the hell was happening. Because now you can explain to people that if you have an energetic construct here - which was you believing everything was real, and the system was serving you, and this is the cutting edge of human evolution, and all this nonsense - that vibrational field is vibrating your state of being out[ward], and it will draw to you people, places, ways of life, experiences, etcetera, locations, which fit your inner self because the outer self is a projection of the inner self. So when you start to transform -- this is what happened to me, but I mean it happens to everybody -- to another state of being which then draws to you a very different group of people, places, locations, ways of life, etcetera, there is a transition between the two. It doesn’t go: One gone! ’Ere you go! This one has to break down as this one emerges. It’s a process of one losing power over your reality, another one gaining power. It can happen very quickly, but it’s not like instant. That’s actually a very great metaphor for what’s going on in the macrocosm of the planet. And in the United States in particular, but certainly England. You know, all over. We can see it here. I mean, what’s happening here with the economic downturn and with people losing their houses, their shells, if you will. It changes their lives. I couldn’t agree more. And the more you resist, I think, the more destruction is going to happen. The less you resist, the quicker the destructive phase is over and you can actually start climbing back up. In your case, you were quite extraordinary in the sense that you had this radical change in your life. You went, you know, from black to white almost. There was almost no downtime for you, it sounds like, although you said for three months... Three months was the big downtime. But that’s extraordinarily quick, especially in the ’90s. Today, I think this is happening to people and they are going through a quicker transition. And in some ways there’s also a reason for that, because you and people like you have made it easier for those that are following now to go through the changes. I hope so. Breaking through a veil. I hope so. I mean, I get such satisfaction when people say that they were helped in understanding what was going on. And you’re absolutely right. I mean, I talk about this a lot now because between that - the old self and all that it projects in what we call the physical experience, and the new self which projects something else - there is apparent chaos. Relationships breakdown, you lose your job, you can lose your house, and all this stuff, and if you live that as a physical, I-am-a-human-body experience, then it’s very, very challenging. If you say: Look, this is where I want to go, and you realize that this is the transition to get there, then you can encompass the unpleasant experiences as just that - an experience - which you’re going through to get to somewhere. And quite right. The collective... There’s so many levels to this, you know. People say to me sometimes: Tell me what’s going on. I say: Well, first of all, I’m not the guru, but if you want to know what I think is going on, my question is: What level of what’s going on do you want to talk about? Because there’s so many ways to observe the same thing. So on one level, these Illuminati bloodlines have crashed the global economic system because they want to have that as a problem to which they can offer a solution, which is a fiercely Orwellian, Fascist, centralized economic system. But on another level, I would suggest, well beyond their level of comprehension - because they’re stuck in their own box, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing - we are witnessing the transition from the Prison Society to the Paradise Society, if you like, or the Freedom Society. And to go from the system we’ve had, which is based on control and imposition, to the system that we’re heading towards - which is what vibrational change is all about - this has gotta go and it’s now going. If people... And it’s easy to say this. It’s easy to say these apparently trite things when, you know, you got a knock on your door saying you’re leaving your house today. But if we can hold this level of seeing it, it makes it easier. We’re going through this process where it’s all breaking down. And if we can encompass it as what it is, which is a collective experience to get to where we’d like to go -- a world of freedom, a world of kindness, a world of love, a world of freedom to express your uniqueness rather than be imprisoned in your tiny version and false identity of what you are told you are -- then it’s much easier than if you seek to cling to the wreckage of the dying system and hold it together. Right. In some ways, you were something of a pioneer, where you had to go it alone. I imagine you must have much more support now from everywhere, just in the way that Kerry is describing, than you did when you really felt you were alone going down the rapids. Yes. It’s funny, though, because... I mean there are so many things I’d like to talk about that you just brought up, because I think it’s very, very important. I wouldn’t say I’m a loner, but my connection has always been to that which is driving me and opening doors and pushing me in this direction, and I just follow that. So, although I was alone in so many ways when it all happened, I still had that connection. And I still have that connection now. And people are very kind and very supportive, but I still basically just operate in my own little bubble and just go my own way. I don’t deal with organizations. I don’t connect with other researchers or anything like that. I just follow this impulse. But it is easier because there’s more people that are open to what you’re saying. But, you know, what you’ve just brought up is very, very important and... You know, for me, if not the greatest human disease of all because everything comes out of it, I guess, is insecurity. Ironically it was at the height of mass national ridicule that I found my security. Because there’s that line in that song, I think it was in the ’60s: Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose. And you have to look inside for your security. You’re not going to get it from anywhere else outside. Yeah. I mean, you look at my situation in regard to that line from that song in the early ’90s, early-mid-’90s, I was being ridiculed by a nation, so I had nothing left to lose. And that’s when I found freedom, the freedom to break out of the prisons of fearing what other people think. And basically I was: Laugh! Laugh, but this is me. You know, I saw a great car sticker. I am me, and I am free. I saw a great car sticker in California - it would be California - and it said: You laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at you because you’re all the same. I don’t laugh at people because they’re all the same, but it is ironic when this herd mentality is kind of focusing on one person, as it was in Britain at that time. And you look at them and you think: You’re laughing at me? My God! And so, this economic thing that’s going... and, you know, I’ve been describing it recently as like a controlled demolition of a building. You see the charges go off, and then there’s a bizarre split-second before the building goes, and then it collapses. Well, in the economic terms of this crash, we are in that bizarre split-second now. I've been describing economic situation like a controlled demolition of a building. You see the charges go off, and ypu know is the problem then there’s a bizarre split-second before the building is the crashes We’ve seen nothing yet. I mean, this is a crash that no one alive today will have seen. Well, in the economic terms of this crash, we are in that bizarre split-second now. We’ve seen nothing yet. I mean, this is a crash that no one alive today will have seen. could be compared with the 1930s, but because of the way the world is, and there’s more people, and the nature of home ownership and all the rest of it, I think it’s going to be bigger. So people with gardens and independent means of doing anything at all will be much more interconnected. That’s the idea. You’re absolutely right. Absolutely. And so we now face this very situation you’re talking about, where we need to reevaluate our... and it would have been a good idea to do it anyway... ...our symbols of success. Now, because insecurity is rampant in people and society, both individually and collectively and on the level of governments and media and all the rest of it, are constantly getting people to feel insecure, most people do not get their sense of who they are from in-here. They get it from what they think is out-there. See? It’s in their heads. Therefore, if you are going to attract to you the recognition you want that you’re an OK person, to feed your insecurity, you have to succeed out-there on the basis of the symbols of success that out-there recognizes as success. And of course through the media and indoctrination from cradle to grave, it’s more money, bigger house, bigger car, fame, all this stuff, titles, and all this business. He who dies with the most toys wins. Yeah. So what you’ve got is, the insecurity itself is - to kind of feed some acknowledgment to lessen its insecurity - it’s chasing these symbols of success that society has decided is successful. And we forget other symbols of success: Am I happy? Am I fulfilled? You know. Do I live in a society, a kind, loving society that I’d like to live in? All this goes by the board because the other thing about needing to succeed on this manufactured basis, to feed this, is that you then have to compete with all the other people that are trying to succeed in the same way to feed their insecurity. And that creates this “Dog eat dog / Top of the greasy pole” society, where everyone’s walking over everyone else -- not everyone, but vast numbers of people are walking over everyone else so that they’re the ones on the top of the pile that get their insecurity fed most profoundly with the symbols of success. This insecurity is why you find some of the most insecure people you’ll ever meet in places like Hollywood and in the entertainment industry because their insecurity is such... And they’re not all like this. There are very secure people who just play music and like to act, but there’s a lot of insecure people because they need that extra adulation to feed their insecurity. And so, if we can move our point of observation from I am this body that I see in the mirror in the morning. I am David Icke. I am Charlie Smith, Ethel Jones, whatever, to I am Consciousness having an experience, then your values of what is successful change because your point of observation of everything changes. It’s the mind working through the body that deals in status and symbols of success that are How high is your pile of trinkets? Whereas, Consciousness doesn’t deal in trinkets. It knows they’re illusory. And, of course, when you deal in trinkets like that, it’s the trinkets controlling you; you’re not controlling the trinkets. And so, for me, the whole foundation, both of coming through this crash to something much better as the result of it, and the whole transformation in general, is moving out of Mind and into what I call Consciousness, which is that beyond this virtual reality game, beyond this biological computer we call the body. And you can start to see the difference because Mind deals in structure. It deals in hierarchy, and it deals in apartness. It sees everything as apart.- And polarization. Yeah. And if that’s what you are, if that’s the way you’re seeing life, in terms of hierarchal structures, apartness, and competition, and all this stuff, you’re in Mind. Ironically, the religions are in Mind. They’re all Mind constructs, the religions. That’s why they have rules and regulations. That’s another massive red light. Hey! Mind! And that’s rules and regulation and laws. - And limitations. Limitation, a sense of limitation. So, if we can change our point of observation so we cease to see ourselves vitally and the world we think we’re living in, in those terms, and look at it from a point of view of Consciousness... I said earlier that this force that’s been kind of pushing me through my last 20 years took me through synchronistic experiences to understand the five-sense level of the conspiracy, then moved into the interdimensional connection and the reptilian connection to these families. And since 2003 it’s taken me into what I know is by far the most important and that is understanding the nature of reality. Because, you know, how can you get a grasp of your own life and take any kind of control of your own experience, if you don’t know who you are, where you are, or the nature of the world you’re living in? This information, for me, is by far the most important because it moves the point of experience from in-this-world to observing-this-world, or a mixture of the two, and that... If you’re in-this-world and you’re of-this-world, then what’s coming is going to be a bloody nightmare. If you become the observer as well as the experiencer by becoming more conscious, then it’s much easier. Because that’s not you, that’s your experience which you are observing and... Absolutely. This is something that... George Green says that he was in contact with the Plejarans and that they helped write a book through him that says that exact thing, that you need to stay in the “observer mode”. And observe what’s going on and not get caught up in the experience in such a way that actually, as you said, you become of-this-world instead of in-it-but-not-of-it. Yeah. And what I’ve found, as I’m talking more and more about the reality we live in, is it does, if you like, take the edge off the fear of what’s happening. Because it is funny, really. I think that when we find out everything that’s going on and the nature of what we’re experiencing and what’s behind it, I think we’re going to laugh for weeks. I do. I think we’re going to laugh for weeks. And we thought it was THAT? Oh, my God. The whole thrust of the maze and opening and closing doors since 2003, for me, and it’s getting more and more deep, and deeper and deeper, is: What is reality? Who are we, what we’re doing here? And how do we interact with it? And it’s very clear to me that this is a virtual reality universe of enormous advancement compared with what we perceive to be virtual reality simulations in this world. And, you know, this is not just supposition. This is provable scientific fact. Yes. I mean it’s so good that we think it’s real.

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Project Camelot. Interview with David Icke.
שיחות עם דייויד אייק
סדונה,אריזונה,פברואר 2009

Дэвид Айк в интервью "Камелоту" рассказывает об иллюминатах, аннунаках и рептоидах, а также затрагивает серьёзные вопросы человеческого восприятия, контроля над разумом, экономической и политической ситуации в мире

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