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Techniques for polishing old composites

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Hello, I am Dr Subir Banerji I would like to share with you a very simple technique for rejuvenating your old composites. As you all know composites need maintainence for long term point of view. These few steps which I am about to show you will make your old composites look a shiny and as good as new as perhaps when you first place them. I hope you find this steps usefull Here you see 2 composites on the upper central insizers.These composites have discoloured and the patient no longer finds these restorations aesthetic. Before replacement it is pruseptodent to take a palatial index of these restorations so that the palatial aspect of these restorations can be copied. In this next picture you see these composites soon after I replace them. And they maintain a nice finish and polished soon after their done. And these pictures are to be taken in 2007.In this image here you see the same two composites in 2014. Assume I often find with composites that with time they loose the shine and the lustre that you perhaps had them on the first instance. And what I am about to show you is a very simple straight forward procedure on how to return the shine on to these composites and therefore maintaining them for longer period of time. The first think I use is the Astrobrush,a siliconic pregnated brush.they are available Ivoclar Vivadent and this is used for about 20 or 30 seconds in circular motion around the teeth. Follow this Diamond paste this is a paste A and this is a 3 micron paste which is used for goat's brush and again used in circular motion around the teeth for about 20 secs.Wipe this away. And then use a Shiny B,diamond paste which is used with the goat's brush again and approximately for about 20 seconds per tooth same as paste A and this is 1 micron And then after you wipe the diamond paste away you use a Felt Wheel to then give it the buff to shine of the composites. And here you can see that the composite is beginning to look shiny again. And if I now show you the pictures you will see that on the top 2 images you see the composite via first place cement in 2007 and in the bottom picture you see after I done the sequence that I just shown you on the video and the lustre and shine has been returned. I hope you find the steps useful in your practice.Thank you for your attention.

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Techniques for polishing old composites

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