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Le pétrole du Daech-Les Guignols de l'Info-Canal_2014_09_29

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-hello I'm here with Bob sylvester of the World company - nit' - nit' too - So we are hearing with stupefaction that the DAESH terrorist state is selling petrol to unscrupulous trader - yes God bless America - But..... Daesh sale petrol to finance his war against you - yes it's not expensive, it's top - But it's immoral, come on, who can buy petrol from terrorist?! - well it's us, the traders, first, we are the first who have seen them - I don't get it here - It's easy, their petrol is even less expensive than shale gas, we make a lot of money - I can't believe it - easy, who mean business,means trader, means profit, means us, but it's very clean, do not worry, we are buying through Turkey, by some caucasian company things... - ...and we sale it up-priced to some punk states - but you are buying it from a terrorist state !!! - And so what?! We have been buying petrol from dictators for decades, no one seems to complain - yeah but here ..... - but here it's better - how come? - That's the dream business, on one side, we buy petrol from them, on the other, with the money they collect, the Daesh kebab buy weapons from us - I didn't see it that way - don't worry we are not stupid - I see - Wait , it's not finished, with their weapons, they attack us, so we bomb them, as a result, to defend themselves, they buy more weapons -....and as a result, they need to find more money to buy them, and - ...and for that, guess what? they sell us petrol for low price - my god - hahahaha I love my job - And yes, there is something more ugly than wars, it's Capitalism.

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Posted by: drgoldsylver on May 7, 2015

Le pétrole du Daech-Les Guignols de l'Info-Canal_2014_09_29

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