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Baked Streusel was started with a little idea

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Duration: 17 minutes and 44 seconds
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: None
Views: 53
Posted by: leeehanna87 on Jun 7, 2011

Lim Yeong-jin is a baker. he had to make bread when he was a university freshman since all 5 employees of SeongShimDang, the bakery his father ran, had went on strike. After 37 years, now he is still in front of oven as a president of SeongShimDang. SeongShimDang is the representative bakery that most people in Daejeon knows and it is an cultural icon. Breads of SeonShimDang have comfortableness and memories of neighborhood bakery that franchises bakery never has. He always tries to make breads customers want and like. Sharing remained breads after selling them is a SeongShimDang's tradition since it's been founded.

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