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Captioned 8-09-2009 Children's Devotion, Zion, Torrance, CA

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Pastor Dave Zion Ev. Lutheran Torrance, CA (WELS) How is everybody today? Good. Pastor's all tangled up here. So everybody's good today. Who would like to look in The Purple Bag to help us out this morning? Who'd like to look in The Purple Bag? Let's let ... Erika. Erika looks inside The Purple Bag and Pastor Dave asks: Erika, what's in The Purple Bag today? (Soil?) Soil. Erika thinks we have dirt in The Purple Bag. Are you sure? (It looks like it.) It looks like dirt. Caleb, you don't think it's dirt? (Iron filings.) Iron filings, well that's good. Anybody else wanna take a guess at what it is? Wanna look at it closer? Anybody wanna look at it closer. Tegan, do you know what that looks like? What? Looks like dirt? Well, that's two dirts and one iron filing. Reaching out to children Pastor passes the bag around and someone says: Seeds. We got seeds. Smell it. Pastor lets the children smell what's in the bag. Oh ... Caleb guesses ... smells like gummi worms. It's ... Really? Yeah! Nobody smells tea, huh? Oh yeah! It's gummi worm tea and I've got a special blend of it at home But it is kind of interesting 'cuz it does kinda look like dirt and it does look like iron filings, of course. But, you know's tea! (Yeah!) And we would wanna make a nice cup of tea and that would be a good thing for us to relax. What this teaches us though is about when people went to Jesus, some of them did not know what to think about Him. Some of them thought He wasjust a man. Some of them thought He was a good teacher. Some of them thought He was a prophet. They knew he could do wild and amazing things. Like He could heal the sick and people who couldn't talk, He gave them back their voice. But we want to thank God today that we know that Jesus is God's Son. And that He's our Savior. That He died for our sins and that He cares for us. He loves us and that He is the One who saved us from our sins. So just like we thought maybe this wasn't tea at first, we have to look closer. We have to get close to see what it is, and that's the same thing about Jesus. We want to stay close to Him so we know what He is like and we know what He's done for us. So all our life we're gonna learn more and more about Him. Are there any questions? For this morning's Children's Message? Nope! Then you guys can go back to your moms and dads, and we'll join together in our "Hymn-of-the Day".

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Posted by: hischild on Aug 14, 2009

Pastor Dave has the children guessing to identify the "real thing" and tells them to look closely in real life in order to not get fooled.

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