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So that was government data I also talked about community generated... in fact I edited this is the wiki map, the open street map terrace theatre...I actually put on the map, it wasnt on the map before TED last year I was not the only person editing the open street map each flash on this visualisation put together by ITO World shows an edit in 2009 made to the open street map lets now spin the world during the same year every flash is somebody somewhere looking at the open street map and realising it could be better you can see Europe is ablaze with updates some places perhaps not as much as they should focusing in on Haiti, the map of Port-au-Prince at the end of 2009 was not all it could be not as good as the map of California. Fortunately, just after the earthquake Geo Eye, a commercial company, released satellite imagery with a license which allowed the open-source community to use it This is January 2010 time-lapsed people editing thats the earthquake After the earthquake, immediately, people all over the world mappers who wanted to help and could looked at that imagery, built the map quickly building up We're focusing now on Port-au-Prince... the blue is refugee camps these volunteers have spotted from the air so now we have immediately a real-time map showing where there are refugee camps... rapidly becoming THE best map to use if you are doing relief work in Port-au-Prince Witness the fact that its here on this Garmin device being used by refugee teams.. Haiti There's the map showing on the left hand side... there that hospital, actually that's a hospital ship this is a real time map that shows blocked roads, damaged buildings refugee camps, it shows things that are needed. So if you've been involved in that at all, I'd just wanted to say whatever you've been doing, whether you've just been shouting RAW DATA NOW you've been putting Government or scientific data online I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you very much and we have only just started

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Tim Berners Lee Ope Data Clip. This is a fufile

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