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The Lovely Bones

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(woman's voice) He's cute. Does he like you as much as you like him? (girl) Grandma, would you please just drop it! Hey Mom! Look at me! Smile! (girl narrating) My name is Salmon - like the fish. (boy) Okay shipmate, take it away. (girl narrates) First name, Susie. (Susie) Bye Dad! (Susie's father) Bye Susie. [school bell rings] (boy with accent) You are beautiful, Susie Salmon. (Susie narrating) I was 14 years old, when I was murdered. (male voice) You're the Salmon girl, right? (Susie narrating) On December 6, 1973. (male voice) We didn't find her, Mrs. Salmon. I'm very sorry. Dad. She's dead, isn't she? (girl) You miss her, don't you? She's gone. What if she isn't? What if she's still here? Grandma. Susie's in the in-between. (Susie narrating) I wasn't gone, I was alive... in my own perfect world. But in my heart, I knew it wasn't perfect. My murderer still haunted me. [phone rings] Fenerman. (male voice) Susie would never go off with a stranger It had to be someone she knew. I've got a name for you. (Fenerman) This is police work - this is what we do. (Susie narrating) My father had the pieces, but he couldn't make them fit. You have a tomb in the middle of your house! (Susie narrating) I waited for justice, but justice did not come. Your a Salmon girl, right? Dad! (father) There is definitely something with this guy. (girl) Why won't you listen to him? Because you need evidence, you need proof. (girl) Why won't you listen to him? Because you need evidence, you need proof. [floor creaks] Can't you just leave it alone? Dad! Come on, face me. Dad! Come on, face me. (whisper) Don't be afraid

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Duration: 2 minutes and 29 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
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Posted by: ccwebguy on Feb 13, 2010

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