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Money makes the Human Worthless - HoM37

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this is Jack again and I’m speaking about ‘making the human worthless’ Ok – so if you have a look at your current situation here on Earth, Human Beings you are perceived to be 'worthless' you experience yourself as ‘less than something or someone else in this World.’ you experience yourself as ‘inferior’ to someone or something else in this world’ you struggle with comparison, you struggle with jealousy you struggle with most of those aspects. and it’s interesting, because why do you believe yourself to be that? why do you allow yourself to struggle in this world in terms of believing yourself to be that and why would you be created that way? why would Anu have designed you to believe that you are worthless, really worthless? that you have to have purpose to ‘feel better’, to feel 'worthy’ that you have to have a reason to exist here to feel 'worthy’ you have to believe in someone or something to be ‘worthy’ oh, and then the brilliant one: Fear of Death now that is a big one! Fear of Death have become the 'life-saver' to a certain extent of some human beings here on Earth because now comes the equation of now I...? you know, living your life to the fullest oh, oh, oh and another one: fear of aging, oh ja, that’s also very good so encompassing all that I’ve mentioned now, my question would... oh, oh, another one, sorry. Survival, oh ja – Survival – the problem of Money in this world is a ‘huge’ one. so I have an interesting point: what is human being, human beings’ most focused attention point in this world? Money! so, if you look at what actually Governs this world? not the people, Money. so what is actually then - what is omnipresent in this world? Money! so what is actually then God in this world? Money. whether you are rich or poor or middle class, it is Money. and what makes human be..., what... what is, what do human beings define themselves to? Money! isn't that strange? have a look: the poor want, desire/need Money to survive. the rich want more because that’s where their power and control is. the middle class is satisfied but they want more, they wouldn’t mind more. so, we have the Human Being equals Money, equals the requirement for survival, equals God so this is the whole enslavement principle and manifestation in this world: Money. Who defines Money? Who gives value to Money? Human Beings. Who’ve placed all their worth into Money? Human beings. so how would this work in terms of making man 'worthless'? that you define yourself according to the amount of Money you have and that depends your 'worth' please, any belief in a form of a ‘God’ is an outer projection, because of the Fear of Death actually if you have a look, all religions that have a manifestation of a God is based on Fear Fear of Death they just wanna make sure, that when they die, they’ll be at a place where they are able to be ‘happy’ and 'blissful' and not go to a ‘Hell’ of sorts. It is Fear of Death, but yet Money also. it’s interesting, because what I see in front of people and human beings is money, there's your Money all the other stuff is somewhere up here in their Mind Money is the most important benefactor in this World. so, what is creating the 'problem' in this World, in Existence, Human Beings? Is Money, you’ve got a problem with Money. Money is your problem, and Money can be your Solution. please, who gives value and worth and definition to anything in this World? Human Beings. because of the value, the worth, and definition you have given to Money and the manifestations of those values, definitions, and worths... you have a fuck up. and I’m certain human beings can see that this is just not working. your 'Money-System' is not working, it is a huge problem, it is massive, please why is it that some must have fucking everything to go and wedge war so they can feed their power and control and others must starve to death when there clearly is at the moment, no Money in this World, there is nothing. So, I suggest, why not just start over? I know, you’re gonna say: ‘Jack, please it’s not important - we’ve got about billions of people in this World’ there is a solution for that too. but surely... this World is in for a rough ride because I don’t know if you realize it Money doesn’t exist, really. Money itself has become a bloody illusion, which is controlling and enslaving this World. Money, the actual Money hasn’t existed for many years now, but Human Beings, all this World, went: ’this is the worth, value, and definition of Money’ that is what they believe so the people in ‘power’ and ‘control’ of this world went: ’that’s what the human beings believe, so let them continue believing that. let’s now manifest all of the World’s beliefs of Money, value of Money, worths of Money, definitions of Money for them and let’s just keep them in that and that’s what’s been happening. you think this world is Money? nothing this World, this entire World, each bloody country is in debt, there hasn’t been Money for years! So, if the stock markets are gonna fall...ah, imagine that! There’s going to be... there’s a rough ride coming, Human Beings, a rough one , there’s just not Money, there isn’t. Ok, this is Jack. I’ll continue in my next interview, thank you very much.

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