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Insight into Rosh Hashana with Michael and Karen Berg

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Insights into Rosh Hashanah Insights into Rosh Hashanah with Michael Berg What does Rosh Hashana mean to you? It's a day that we have the opportunity to draw all the light, all the blessings we're preparing the year whatever light we want to have, whatever blessings we want to have whatever negativity we don't want to have we have to do the work through the connections, and through our consciousnesses on Rosh Hashana so it's a very important day, maybe the most important day of the year and the work that we do is really what decides the type of year we're going to have. But what about, for instance, the person that doesn't know? I mean, why should I come and spend the whole day just listening to other people pray? What will I get from it? The Zohar says that one of the most important things about Rosh Hashana is not even so much the personal connections they we make but the fact that we are within a group of people who are desiring to make that connection. So I would say for somebody who doesn't know what they're doing, is probably even more important, to be there with everybody who's trying to make the connection, because we know that regardless of what an individual knows or is able to connect to during that day if he's with a group of people who are desiring and drawing that light he or she receives it anyway. What does Rosh Hashana mean to you? Well, mom, what does Rosh Hashana mean to you personally? It's a time when for as many people are so far away I mean, we have so many people that love the center, that love the teachings, that want to be a part of us and it's very far for people to join, on most occasions but Rosh Hashana is a specific time where the gathering of all the people from all over the world come together and even without the singing, without the unity of the prayer the idea of seeing people join hands and hold each other from all parts of the world regardless of who they are, where they're from, what they do, what their culture is, even their religious beliefs is an amazing attestment to the center's ability to join spirituality throughout the world. And I think that, even though it's a day of judgment HaShem, God, must be happy to say: "Wow, there's at least one place in the world that really puts people together and they come to join to pray to me." And that's what Rosh Hashana means to me. What do we give to the world when we participate together on Rosh Hashana? What would you say people receive? What do we give to the world when we put this event together on Rosh Hashana? The Zohar says that on this day every single person passes by the light of the creator and that thought by and within itself basically tells us all that we need to know every single person... and those of us who has more of an understanding know what is actually happening we have a greater responsibility not only to make the connection for ourselves, not only for our families, but also for those who don't know. Because everybody needs Rosh Hashana, not everybody knows that they need Rosh Hashana. So the work that we do is not just really for ourselves, which of course is important, but that consciousness that everybody in the world needs that light and as we make our connections we think about those who know, those who don't know but we also know that if we're there, making the connection for others we ourselves of course get even more light and blessings for ourselves for that year. What can a new student hope to receive from the Rosh Hashanah experience? I don't think you can say that you hope one person experiences one thing, there are so many possible experiences for any person to go through on Rosh Hashana unity, joy, excitement, happiness, difficult work. And of course it's an opportunity for people to really have a tremendous experiences physical experiences, spiritual experiences things opening up for them. But I think at the end of the day what's most important is that we come with the consciousness that regardless of what those experiences are and they will be amazing and sometimes difficult, and sometimes challenging and sometimes joyous to always remember why I'm here: I'm here because in these two days I'm making sure that all the blessings and all the light and all the health and all the healing that I need and my family needs, and the world needs I'm bringing it down into this world. So yes, every person that comes is going to have a different experience, an amazing experience, but most important my hope for anybody who comes is that we do the work together and prepare for each one of us a year filled with blessings, and filled with light.

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