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Jacque Fresco - Civilized Man - April 5, 1975 (1/2)

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... which had a severe brain damage, that would shift this bowl, and this thing was standing. And when someone given something that he eated, and wouldn't say thank you, because the only he wanted was the food. It can be true, you see? Now he would be a honest man. Only you thrown it out and accepted, and stepped out. Now, you don't mind if i throw, i'm being honest, you know? You would not be very this. Civilized man is one gigantic thing of mess. Very nice meeting you tried and that, like that shit bringing in that area, you see? All people are full of shit on those things. As like saying she is pretty, she has an annoying job, annoying lots of things like that, you see? And that they can't accept, they only have, they are only some shit around. Most people are very accepting on those kind of things. And they can't find love, because in order to find love, you have to be capable of the petition without. And in order to be capable of giving love, your own live has to be in harmony with everything else. And that is not attainable. No one can have piece of mind, except the whatever in the world, that is nice to say. By about that: Yes. Everything. And that idiot, dork, all right. Don't worry. You know? It is something that you walk down the street, and you see a basket on fire, and the kids, you know? What would you do? What do you do? Be happy? Don't worry? What does that mean, exactly? I'm sure you stepped out of their heart, red hot cold, he doesn't say be happy not worry. They moved their ass, you understand what i mean? These idiots that are blind, they just food and bringing things, and they a lot of thank you take the god bless you thank you, happy not worry. Because they don't have to work. You have to work. And so, they give you patterns that can possibly work. And the reason you can't find love is because love would be a steady state. And the human being is in a process of change, continuously. What i wanted to say before is, if you felt in love in 17, at 19 your standards will be different. So how do you talk about love? If you fall in love with 35 will be different than when you fall in love with 19. So, what is love? It has never being described. So when you fall in love, what you fall in fall in love with? You fall in love with cockroaches when you are 11 years old. And then you find that they have nothing on their cranium case. So you fall in love with the wrong way, you see? And then you find out there is enough that there is nothing missing there. And that it isn't, how was that evaluated, when i was 16. This is real on current. When i see a 3 years, all is hear his name and thing. How do you fall in love with that shit? Because man changes. And man, unless you put them in a fixed situation, when nothing changes around you, you can remain relatively useless in same patterns. So, since man was changing, and growing in their life, or growing negatively depending on what they read, or what they associated with. So you can grow, down and uphill, and so your needs change. If you got anything going on there. Then you need change. Somebody that had to fall in love, you can be god damn sure that you can afford that, you know? That is a fact. That calls Fresco's law. Whatever you fall in love, you can be sure that you fall out of it. And there is a reason for it. The reason is, that, whenever your definition of love is, it is not phased. And you are capable, if you are capable of falling in love, this is what it means. That suddenly you turn on by somebody in particular. That means that you are subjective, because love is very subjective. And it means that there is a lot of wonderful people in the world. And if they are honest, on a truly christian, we would love everyone that is in love with. And you couldn't help that. And you still do. And the bottom law prevent you to behave in that way. And if you go with the guy that you love, that means you need another guy is more lovable, you will love the other guy. And that shouldn't see that, talking with them, in love with that. So it become confusing. That is a terrible thing i did. That was the better of, was brilliant. Isn't that awesome? And threw roses on it. And you begin to worry, you see? And you tell, how well can we worry? You know, it's like drinking water from this town, the water from another town. And there is someone saying you drinking on that fast? You go and want to show your hands. And they stand on their forehand, and there two little black. And people make upon all kinds of laws regarding human behaviour. And you brought it at the sabbath? Will be efficient on lots in the same kind? And now, how can you handle these stuff together? I mean, if you really think that all laws were totally nonsensical. And then, there is another group that is completely felt out. They think they want to live naturally. That means no clothing, no house, no lives, that is detrimental limiting. When the hurricane comes, their asses are gone. And you are trying to do them a favor. How do you live naturally? Everything that grows and pumps, natural oranges, and rice, small. And seeds. And very little juices. And all kinds of bushes and trees, that is natural. And natural men without fascination was around, in the early days, wasn't too big. There is a lot of people think that cancer comes from artificial preservatives and artificial colouring in food. And they found evidence of cancer in fossilized in dinossaur domes, you know? They find cancer in vegetarians like rabbits, lots of them. Cancer on fish and shelf seas. And there you see terrifying fish in the shelf seas. And so, they don't find cancer, it is only a product of diet. Sometimes men working on a laundry mill, holding laundry against society, and that was many years produces cancer. All kinds of thing. Sometimes they seem to find correlation in cancer between nice people and cancer. Like guys like Einstein, and some psychologist field that they were outrageously present, but resent to certain things. The only things that, you know, you are going that way, and why don't you do, and you say sure, thank you, you know? And inside you didn't like it. And there are a lot of people that always can't say no. They get all kind of problems, because they are always saying no physiologically. The toughest thing is learning to do is to say no. Isn't that interesting? And there is a lot of people that can't do that. And they suffered like hell. And there is something that you only say no. And they suffered. So, i'm saying that it seems that, you can living for, with organic food, or living with foods growing very rich soil, not contaminated, and not chlorinated water, but lots of good clean rain water. And if you came an animal, and the best of food, and the best of rest, and kept them on happy, by making the environment that is familiar with changing some of the elements in it. So it's rest will be with it. If you take a dog or any animal or person, and feed that animal the best in food, and keeping them happy, the food somehow comes something on it's got. Like i said, if i fed you the best and selected food, as to relate the own modified needs. And then did something like this, say you have a dog or a horse which you love very much, and you force a dog, and it was killed. Whatever is that wonderful food, you see? And this is like it value nothing, or whatever is doing that. And find out you wanted to struggle out, you don't have any poison in this system. Because your attitude changes. So, if you fed a person with the best food on earth, and then have a bad attitude, they doubt, fork and concentrated, which you lived by a clock. No way. I'm going to be there at 8:30, when i got a shirt and you have to give a shit now and you wait, so you go. And then you go and pick a shit, and get this out, right the way, so you are an asshole, contract. They get used to that, completely ineficient. And then you talk like that, and you hope on the better things, you can't make a shit. When you right now, you set there, and you wait, because you are happy now. And nothing happened. So well, maybe later, you see? And so when there are whole ways are synthetic. We get up by the clock. You go to work at 7:15, you get into the motor ways. It should be when you wake up in the morning. This would be what everybody whatever in the hell you get up, you get up. And if you go, you go to school. As so in 24 hours a day. You go under the school, and there are no processed food because we don't need it. It is good to have food that are not processed, or use a certain types of chemicals that might be irritating to man. It would be good to have food that isn't contaminated. And in order that it isn't coordinated. And we're also be good to have an attitude which isn't polluted. An attitude about life. An attitude, the attitude that prevent you for becoming ill, in many areas. And this is what the attitude is called. It is called looking for justice. You get it from religion. Get all the world, all the best that you have, and the best will come back to you. Or isn't that, what would that have, you see? This is so full of shit. Jesus get it, he get crucified fast. Gandhi, and so. If you give all the world the best you have, whatever comes to you, comes to you. Not the best, that is a lie. So, religion will have to learn, and have to tell the truth first. And the truth is essentially this, whenever you talk to people about things that are different that what that you say come to accept what is normal, they feel uncomfortable, and tend to dislike their source. Now, if you really want to get along with people, the only you have to do is to say what back to this or a wonderful that, what you have to this, what is a wonderful atheist, marvelous. You get along with everyone. And sing whatever song is, you go to nazi germany, and heil hitler, at any side, you see? Any place that you go. There is no way to get along with everybody. There is no well adjusted person. How can you be well adjusted? You have to get along with the more you are in science teacher than the philosopher. You have to get along with that, you get in merchandising, i'm not a damn jewish and niggers allowed there, and you say put on there a friend. You give along with everybody. Change your mask. Now, there is no way to be alone in the world, just to say. Just try to get along with people. And those people have some kind of neuron structure, that is basically the same of helmet. You can only get along with the people you can get along with. And some people that are not worth to get along with, and that was too much shit. So, the first thing you have to learn is stop looking for justice. When you said...

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Part 1 of a Jacque Fresco talk (April 5, 1975)

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