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cheese story

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Hi. I'm Bridget Huber from Mission [email protected] We're here at Amnesia Bar and we're here for the launch of Cheesemonger Life on the wedge it's a new book by Rainbow Grocery's cheesemonger Gordon Edgar There's a big party going on inside. Let's take a look. Refering to myself as a cheesemonger at least is snickering for some but those who don't laugh often tell me 'you have the best job ever I love it I've been working in the cheese counter for 15 years and counting maggots, mice and misanthropes haven't been able to cut it for my love for cheese. So can you tell us about how you started in the punk rock world and then ended up as a cheesemaker? sure, as a kid who grew up in the 80's I'd listen to punk rock, you know 'cause that's where the rebellion against Reagan was that's where the excitement was as I grew older I was attracted to a more political side of punk rock and when i wanted to find a way to form a living Rainbow Grocey seemed like a great place to work I got a job there and I really didn't care it was on the cheese department or that i didn't have any qualifications for it but after i started working there i fell in love with cheese i love the work place democracy and cheese This is what we're most famous for and that's soft ripen goat milk cheeses and this one is called truffle tremor it's kinda messy it's flavoured with truffles too i hope you like it it's not a traditional foodie memoir which tends to be upper clase and bougie it's rather by someone who comes out of punk rock DIY culture who works at a recruiting co-owned coop who had a really unique take on land, farming food, fancy food culture working class food culture retail and takes no prisoners style that is really enjoyable ** at its best can be a little intimidating to an uninitiated to a cheese eater when not a strong cheese, it's stinky and often slimy that's good stuff, what is wrong with that? do you wanna try a slimy cheese? try marin french cheese schwase** one of the best, totally underated and slimy So there was a lot of cheese, a little punk rock we were here at Amnesia Bar for the book realease party of Gordon Edgar's book Cheesemonger Life on the Wedge For Mission Eyes, I'm Bridget Huber

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cheese story

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