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What is Cloud ONTAP?

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Hello. My name is Kevin Hill. I am a Cloud Solutions Architect at NetApp I’m here today to give you a look at two of the most innovative products at NetApp One is NetApp Cloud ONTAP for AWS, and the other is OnCommand Cloud Manager First, what is Cloud ONTAP? This really is NetApp IN the Public cloud We now have the world’s number one Storage Operating system delivering NetApp Data Management in the Amazon Cloud What does this bring you? This brings you the enterprise data management that you need in the Public cloud You now have all of NetApp’s richness available to you in the Amazon cloud You get Application consistent recovery points you get rapid and space efficient cloning industry leading storage efficiencies and the ability to provision new storage systems in minutes and on-demand! NetApp engineering has brought you our best features to the cloud You get multi-protocol in a single system. . NFS, iSCSI and CIFS… all in the cloud Also, you don’t need to change your applications to work in the cloud you now only have to bring them there! Since this is still ONTAP… you don’t have to change your processes or procedures You can use the same tools and products that you use today This is just ONTAP… in the cloud and since this is ONTAP… you also get SnapMirror and SnapVault… our efficient data replication technologies You can now move your workloads into AND out of the cloud Your cloud, Your way That’s what we’re bringing to you How are we able to stand up new enterprise class storage systems so quickly? This is where OnCommand Cloud Manager comes in This new product lets you easily manage and intuitively deploy new Cloud ONTAP systems in MINUTES Yes… MINUTES Not days… not weeks no red-tape… no internal bureaucracy You get a fully functioning clustered ONTAP system ready to serve storage to your applications… in minutes We’re very excited to offer these products to you and we hope you are as excited as we are And you know what the best news is? This is only the beginning Just wait till you see what we have for you next!

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Posted by: kdhill66 on Dec 2, 2014

This video introduces you to two new NetApp Products, NetApp Cloud ONTAP for AWS and OnCommand Cloud Manager. To find out more information, please come to, or please look at additional resources on

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