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All right, the sharing economy is on the rise. A recent study find 72% of Americans have used a shared or on-demand service at least once. Wework offers customized shared office spaces for entrepreneurs. Its offices are home to 10 thousand companies and Wework is now valued to get this more than 16 billion dollars. Wework just launched "Welive" taking its concept from the office to the living room. That was founding partner Rebecca Newman's goal when she created Welive. The first location just opened in New York's Financial District. That is a new way of living, centered on community and the belief that we are basically as good as the people we surround ourselves with. Apartments are fully furnished and offer a plenty of privacy. But it's what is outside your door that makes Welive different This concept that you are catapulted into the so-called real world and it needs to, one some level feel, sad or isolating you don't really subscribe too. A bar, A group workout room, and a larger kitchen for family meals are scattered throughout the building. Evening's weekends this is becoming... this is the spot! Miguel Mc'Kelvee designed these spaces to encourage social interaction. In a normal building, people don't care about each other. Here people really do care about each other and they talk about like it is a family. They talk about a place where people really care, really want to connect, really wanna help. For CBS THIS MORNING, Barry Rigidtee, New York. Wework lauched in 2010, and the company has nearly 100 location in 26 cities world wide but more on the way Adam Newmann is co-founder and CEO of Wework. Good morning! Good morning and thank you for having me. Great to have you here! So why this is a better idea for millennials than working at home or finding an office. So, you know, we like to say this is for the WE generation, it is not limited by age or gender anybody that wants to be part of something greater than themselves, that understands that bringing meaning and intention into work, and bringing those two things together, is a member of the the WE generation and the money, tends to follow That’s being part of a community too, even if you’re an entrepreneur, or just starting out, right? You know I think all of us naturally wanna be part of a community, when we are at school, when we go to college, is such a great thing and everybody wants to be part of something greater than themselves, at home and at work. I just think, when you were in college you started to play around with this idea and you had a college professor that said “this is never gonna work” and that didn’t stop you. Yeah that’s true! I submitted when I was in the entrepreneurship class at Berry college and everyone had to submit into entrepreneurship competition and all my peers made it to stage 2 out of the 5 stages I never made it up I went to the dean of the college and I said: I don’t wanna contest but why I did not make it up and the dean said: "I don't know if a young entrepreneur could ever raise enough money to change the way people live" and the only lesson I think that is there for teachers you never know who you’re talking to, don’t limit a young student's dream because that’s how we change the world So what did you do? We know, I actually listen to him, I put my idea will of aside and then I started three businesses that were not so successful: a baby clothing company, a shipping company and as I was doing this businesses I kept remembering this is not really my passion eight years ago I met my then girlfriend, today wife, Rebeca and then she said "Adam you’re selling baby clothes, it's not your passion" and she said you’re not good at it. she said "you're not so good on it" The clothes are not even so good, "the clothes don’t fit", she said they don’t look good, you don’t have any kids, what you are doing? She said "find your passion, do something that actually changes the world, bring those two together and, I promise you, you'll have the best business you ever imagined" and I followed her ever since. If we work in this "sharing of space" and we all have our private space but we also like to be a part of a community we live as the same thing. If you are a together apartment in New York City today you’d have to show 50 times to rent [each module 24 years old hands] and then you get this horrible hallway with this very small unit that cost a fortune and you’ll be by yourself. We live as the opposite. All we need is one month security deposit we charge 30 to 40% less that would it cost an apartment and we give you a shared common space, you’ll have your own kitchen, our own bathroom and shower you can go to a chef kitchen you can go to a screenning room, you have a bar and you have a lot of like minded individuals that hang out every night and just share their experiences and prepared for the next day

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