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iTEC scenario: Outdoor Study Project

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Ms Rossi, a science teacher has been working with the geography teacher. Their students need to develop a more in-depth understanding of the local natural environment. The students would also benefit from more group learning activities. Ms Rossi decides on a collaborative problem-based activity related to nature and the local environment. She plans the project together with the geography teacher so that it will benefit both of their classes. She sets her class a challenge: “Why has the population of ladybirds increased in the school grounds lately?” “How would you find out?” “I would go outside with the others to collect real data. “Everyone has a different role and a different instrument. “I would use my mobile phone to take photos of areas with many ladybirds, while others survey the surrounding and record the temperature.” Ms Rossi takes the role of observer and coach. She takes notes on what skill each learner needs to develop, so she can design later activities properly. She realises the group needs more training on using instruments without disturbing wildlife and also how to set group goals. After taking a series of photos Carmen comes back to class with her group. They share their findings with each other. They get support from Ms Rossi on how to use a software package to draw conclusions from their numerical data. They work together using laptops to create a video explaining their findings. Carmen and another student upload their photos while the rest of the group writes the script. They each record their voice and use the editing software to finalise the video. The video is posted on the school’s learning platform for the class to view for homework, and for students in the geography class to comment on. The group also posts the video on the public Internet so they can show it to their parents when they get home.

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Posted by: akeune on Apr 26, 2011

"Outdoor Study Project" is a scenario of the iTEC project - Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom. For more info:

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