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1-Click Self-Installation of WordPress with Bluehost

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In this short video, we'll see how you can quickly install WordPress with pretty much a single click using Bluehost. So, when you log in to your Bluehost account, you need to scroll down in CPanel quite a way down. You'll see now that you've got a couple of options: you've got Simple Scripts, and there's also WordPress, which will basically take you to Simple Scripts; it's just a shortcut. So, let's go in through Simple Scripts, in case you do it that way. When you go in, you'll see that there are a number of options, and one of them, obviously, is WordPress. So, if you click on that, that will take you through, and you'll see some more information—for instance, the current version, which is 2.7— along with a list of the other versions that you can install using Simple Scripts. There are links to the site and support forums, but what you want to do is install on an existing server. So what you need to do is click "Install Now" and that's going to take you through the process. So, here you can see you've got some information that you need to fill in: You can choose the latest version—2.7—which we'd recommend, or an earlier version if you'd prefer, and then you decide where you want to put the blog. So—for instance—if you have more than one domain, you can select them here. I've just got the one with Bluehost. And then, you can decide if you want to have it in the main domain, in which case, leave this completely blank. Or, if you want to put it into a subdirectory, for instance, "blog" or "news" or a different category, and leave your main domain as something else, you can also do that. Optionally, you can now put in a name for your site, and this is something that you can change in WordPress at any time, but this is what's going to appear basically at the top of your blog. So, next up, you've got Advanced Configuration, and you can have it automatically generate an administrator login for you, in which case it would just be "admin", and it will give you a password also, randomly generated. And also, you can have it automatically create a new database. So, if you want to edit the admin information, just uncheck here and you'll see that you can change the admin username and also put in your own password, which you'll need to put in twice. I'm just going to leave that and let it automatically generate, but that is an option that you might want to consider. Finally, you just need to click the legal flotsam and jetsam and click on "complete" and that's going to install WordPress for you. And pretty much, that's it; you're done. So you've got the option, for instance, to click on this huge green button and actually look at what your live site is going to look like. Now, there's not going to be much there, but—probably importantly—you're going to want to copy down some of the information below, for instance, the admin URL, which is going to be your URL followed by "wp-admin", and also the password, which is something you're going to have to copy. You can change this later, but you're going to need it, obviously, to log in to your WordPress the first time. So, I've clicked on the admin URL and here, I can log into my WordPress account. So I'm just going to paste in the password that I just copied there, and here I am in the Dashboard, ready to go. So, very simple, and you're up and running with your own self-installed WordPress in less than a couple of minutes. So, this is just the beginning, really, because now you can go in and start customizing things to your taste, or if you just click here, you can take a look at what your live blog looks like at the moment. There's not a lot here at the moment, so it's time to get customizing.

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If you'd like to install your own WordPress blog, Bluehost make it very simple to do. This video walks you through the process.

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