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Idiabata Electrification Project

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We use this period to thank our brother, Suru Saheed Steve Agboyinu, for the great favour he has done for Idabata Community He made us to know what they call "electric pole" at Idabata We are also thankful because he was man enough to fulfill his promise He gave us light at Idabata, Agbojetho and Oton We are using this opportunity to really thank him . . .we can't stop asking as of now, we will continue to make requests (rendering prayers for Steve Surulere Agboyinu) We are also using this opportunity to request that he should fix our roads We are also in need of a hospital. We take our pregnant women to other locations for delivery We therefore use this opportunity to solicit for a hospital Our school is not very good. The school depends on financial contributions from the community for projects We thereforce solicit for assistance for our school (Rendering prayers for Steve Saheed Surulere Agboyinu) My name is Rasaki Elegbede We are at Idabata The sponsor of this electrification project . . . . . .has done exceedingly well The people of Idabata are very happy We also want good roads. He should provide us with good roads. After that, we also desire to have a hospital God will continue to uplift the sponsor (rendering prayers for the sponsor and the people of the land) I give thanks to God because He has done it Surulere Agboyinu brought power supply into this community He brought development upon this community (Rendering prayers for Surulere Agboyinu) God will use him to build roads and hospitals (rendering prayers for Steve Agboyinu) We are thankful for the power supply that our brother, Surulere has brought to this community Our roads are bad We see light in other communities, but our community is always in darkness God has used Surulere to bring light into our community We thank God for him. The women are happy We are praying for him daily (Rendering prayers for the Surulere Agboyinu) Meanwhile, we still expect him to build roads for us May God assist him to do so The roads will be important for easy movement of people and vehicles (Rendering prayers for the Surulere)

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Idiabata Electrification Project

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