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Dr. Rory McGreal - Opinión respecto a la calidad de los REA

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This video is used for purely for pedagogical purposes, translated by Stefania Herrera León, student of BA in English from the University of Tolima, acknowledgements to the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education. Open educational resources ¿What is your opinion regarding the quality of OER? My opinion of the quality of the OER is the same such as my opinion of the quality of the comercial resources and resources produced with the closed license that is some of them are very good and some of them are very bad and I don't believe the quality issue I can be contained in a discussion about Open Educational Resources it's a wether something is opened or not, or wether it's closed or commercial It's not a measurement of quality, the measurement of quality is the material itself. And so, there's not reason why open material would not have good equality nor is there any reason like commercial material not all equality, and but what we see emerging is that dejectedly with material produced by teachers in classroom, because when they open it, they want to make sure -because all of the people are seeing it- now is understood that it's important in the classroom, to improve on And other aspect the openenness and quality is that once it's released many other professions would be using it and improving it and so, with many different people improving it, it can get better and other aspect the quality, and a very important what for teachers and teachers whether online or offline is whether or not you can adapt the material and change it or update y esto se puede hacer fácilmente con los Recursos Educativos Abiertos. Con formatos de contenido cerrado a no se permite hacer esto. and another aspect of quality is the accessibility of who is allowed to see the content and use it with Open Educational Resources anyone can do so. And the updating I mentioned earlier is a major problem in many of the sciences, is not the most and you know, the social sciences and the arts and a gain the ability to update is a significant aspect of the quality and this is not even impinge a jump on the cost-effectiveness as well which all we are certainly beats the commercial content and impossible the used and to give one example of a how much quality, how much better quality is in Open Educational Resources I looked up collaborative statistics of a book that was written by two professors in Florida and now it's being used by hundreds of different Universities and different courses and they are adapting it and making it better for example, one professor's added videos from the content, another's created links Sorry, pathways so, the content will work very well in Microsoft- Excel, another one is done for SPF and so, there's many different aspect to Open Educational Resources according to the accesibility promotes the improvement of content. And so to finish, people who suggest Open Educational Resources are not as quality commercial really don't have an argument.

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Posted by: stefaherreral on Sep 23, 2013

Este vídeo muestra la opinión del Doctor Rory MacGreal acerca de la calidad de los REA (Recursos Educativos Abiertos).

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