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C3L9: Inside Out Forehand

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If you ever go to a national junior tennis tournament you will see most of the kids best shot, by far, is the inside out forehand. The reason for that is the inside out forehand is makes a player naturally hit the inside of the ball. Create this S curve we are talking about. I look to use the inside out forehand drill to sort of ingrain this habit of laying the head back into the hit. Because when the student runs around the backhand and tries to hit the inside of the forehand they naturally let the racket head lay back. As they make contact and as I said before every junior best shot is this inside out forehand. So a great drill to do is have the student line up in the center of the court. Run around their backhand then go ahead and make contact with the inside of the ball. Tell them to go ahead and rip it. Because chances are they are going to hit the ball somewhat correctly anyway. Lets take a look in slow motion and I will show what I am mean. One thing you want to make sure they coil see how Warrens racket head is still forward. Only here does he shift positions. Now look he is going for the inside of the ball see the racket head is laid back, is arm is concave as he makes contact with inside of the ball. So it really is naturally going to be everyones best shot. THis is really a drill you have got to do. To ingrain this habit of this sign curve in the stroke and laying into the ball. Its almost one of those drills they can't do wrong. Especially if they are going to make it all the way reverse cross court inside out so to speak. Give this drill a try and you will find all your students games get much much, their forehands much much stronger by doing this drill. Just be careful if you have the camera set up in the middle of the court!!

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Posted by: jackbroudy on Jan 7, 2014

You can learn a lot about your strokes by hitting inside out forehands. Use them to ingrain the correct geometry.

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