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12 September 2019

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*background noise* -Can we interview you? Don't be ashamed of us. -Talk to us. -Don't be shy. -The shy person is not blessed in the world. -Yes. -You must have strong confidence in this world. -Yes he's right. -Do you want food? It's all yours. It's all for you. Uhhh where is your family? -At home. -What are they doing? -My mother just recently finished her laundry. And my father is already dead. -Ohhh so your mother is at home? -Yes. -What are you doing here? -Looking for plastic bottles and asking for donation so we can buy food. -There you have food. Do you have siblings? -I have. -How many? -We are seven but one died. -It's hard right... How is your life? Feels hard am I right. Are you studying? -Yes but I did not go to school today. -Ohh so it's okay for you. -Yes, if I have money I can go to school. -Where is your school? -BaƱadero. -Where's that place? -In baƱadero. -Don't use po to me because I'm a simple guy you know? (laughs) You know what I'm talking about? Ehihihi (laughing) She also laughed lol. (laughing again) Uhhhhmmm. Just pray to the Lord aight. Keep praying to the Lord so that our life will be good. Life is full of struggles and chaos but don't lose hope. You must work hard. Don't disappoint everything. What is that? Is it full already? -A while ago. -Where will you put this? -To my mother. -Ohh so you will give it to her. How about you bro, do you have questions? -No need I'm good. -Ohh good. -Do you have appetite? -No its okay. -Ohh so you will eat later. Eat together with your mother and siblings okay? Are you okay already? Good. Do you want me to add your money? Are you okay with 20? -Here some coins. I gave you alot of coins okay. Do you gather it? -Where do you put those big amount of money? -Put it here. -Put it here in the cup so that it won't fall. -So are you already good? -Opo. -Go home immediately because it's dangerous at this time. **unknown words** -Hello what's up guys! Yow! So the kid we interviewed as we can see have a hard life and then their lives are not stable enough to sustain their needs in this world but in every edge every corner of each place there are people who need help. If all of us can help, we should help each other even if you're in a low state or in a high state of life. So that's all we have interviewed sir Al and here's Russell and I'm Bernard, let's go!

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