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Martin Dighton for Content Hub Part 2

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Have a little look because in a minute I'm going to tell you who you're planning against in your first 1v1 pirate match. All right. So here's me. Go on Theo we'll use you as the example, Heres Theo, I'll draw him in red so you can tell. Right it's me v you, I score points every time I get the ball safely and successfully to an island and back. Or to an island and then to another island, that's OK too. If Theo gets the ball by tackling me fairly and takes it and stops it by yellow spot,it's a point for him. He is the only shark who can tackle me, nobody else. Let's see we're going to go for, 1 2, play each other, decide who's going to be the one who starts on the boat and who's the one who starts out at sea, go and sort it out. Go and play, You need one ball to share. Play fairly. Who else looks ready for me? We're going to go, hold on, it's OK, we're going to go for 1 and 2. Decide who is doing what, go and play, play fairly. Hold on you'll need to talk to her first and decide who's going to do what. Go on then, go and do that. Good stuff. Finn's already started, who's playing? Remember you need a ball to share not a ball each. Ball to share. So if he's guarding that one where might you go? Although he knows now though, so now what might you do? Oh protect it, look at you hiding it. No, just showed it to him a little bit too much, try again. These two here are there to help you, you can pass the ball to them and they'll try and get it back to you as best they can. Who is the referee of your game? [PLAYERS:] You. [COACH:] No You lot are because there's seven games going on and I can't referee seven games. So if one of you gets a bit hurt or gets knocked over, I hope you stop the game, check they're OK, pick them up and start playing again. Because I'm not going to referee your games. Do you all know the rules of football? Well you don't need me to referee anyway then. Good, keep playing, Keep trying. Good tackle. For every touch you can get on the ball its an extra point for you, OK. Good stuff. Well done. Anyone you've helped yet? Good boy. Go on out for more if you can. Hold on let me do you shoe lace, come here a second before you hurt yourself. So on here I've written four challenges, your challenge is to do two things. One is to complete these challenges. Second is to try to win the game, alright so your going to play another game now back with the same players. These are your four things, you can do them in any order you want. How many challenges have you completed? Well done very good. Ah look at that for teasing him, love it, You might do it again. Yes very good. Oh no. Little bit softer with that touch next time. Bring it back out, come and play. [COACH TO AUDIENCE:] Why weren't there any boundaries around the area? I thought about it, in the situation we've got here I'm quite happy for them to be free range kids, because there's not too much that's going to cause any problems. My bigger concern though when I've done this on your average park somewhere, the ball spends more time out of the boundaries than in it. So we spend more time doing throw-ins and restarts and stuff like that and actually just dribbling with it. Now the kids, they didn't go that far but a few ended up down there somewhere, a couple that went down there. But on the whole they realise that if we keep going any further there's nothing for us over there anyway. I didn't use bibs because I want the kids to identify faces rather than colours. Now there's an argument that says when they play at the weekend, they'll be in different colours. So why do you need them to spot faces but for this age, around starting to get them to play with their head up a little bit more, rather than just trying to spot a color out of the corner of their eye. They've got to have a conscious look. So it's quite deliberate that they weren't bibbed up to make it a bit more chaotic and a bit more messy. Now as a coach I've got to be OK with that mess because actually think about it that's playground football they don't bib up when they play at school, they just play. And if you ask any of the kids, they knew who the teams were, so it didn't look messy to them, it just looked messy to me. Having said that if I had put bibs on them, would it have made it feel a bit more like a match? Yeah maybe, so we might have lost a few of those questions. Trying to differentiate throughout, who plays who and adapting challenges in that last game she had a ball by herself and was quiet happlily practising by herself, so be honest I ran with it. I went OK, made their game 2 v 1 and gave her two of the challenges that she could work on by herself because she needed more touches of the ball, and she wasn't going to get that playing in a 2 v 2. That was initially why I had the extra players as like a magic player essentially who would help but they struggled with working that out. That's why eventually I went nah let's sack them off and we'll play with that. But it was needed it was just trying to constantly balance needs, so for example, we had one game of 3 v 2 trying to get that game right so the 2 were challenged a little bit more. Managing difference is the biggest challenge that we have in grassroots football meeting the needs of all of them, it's hard. Big messages 'staying on the ball. not hogging it' and we need to be as a culture in this country, OK with kids staying on the ball. Kids need to look after the ball themselves before they can share it. Some of these are starting to really get a grasp of that, credit to the coach. Others have plenty to do. But that's the nature of grassroots football. Stay on it yourself, then look to share it when you need to. Not just sharing it for the sake of passing it. Ban the two touch rule from kids football I suppose is what we're trying, get the opposite if we can.

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