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President of Liberland speaks at Hyde Park talk show

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We want people to know that politicians are the threat. That political power is to be feared. Have you considered occupying Liberland under Czech Republic flag? I have not. I started it because I wanted to create a new legal environment. We wanted to try the concept of voluntary taxes. This concept proved to be working well. So no,I have not thought of that. Wouldn't there be a bigger chance of recognition under Czech Republic Flag? I do not intend to think about this any further. We did not intend that and it would not fulfill the original goal. You do not have any legal environment to continue? We don't want to continue,because the legal environment nowadays is crazy. I do not envy the law students what they have to study. Serbian border is in the middle of Danube,Croatia does not claim this meander. Still,media keep repeating that both states claim this territory. Serbian ministry of Foreign Affairs told us,that this is not their territory. Croatia has border on the other side meaning they do not claim this territory. The benefits for Serbia and Croatia are enormous. People want to invest up to twenty billion dollars in our state. This money would bring economic growth to Serbia and Croatia. It is an enormous benefit for the whole region. At this moment there is an increase of tourism of 200 percent. People from the whole world are curious about this state. Even though we did not even start to develop the state. There is a lot of benefits and the states begin to feel that.

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15-05-12 Hyde Park sestrih

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