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'ROAD TO RIO - The Street Rascals' 24min (*english titles with optional english subs)

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Brazil, a country of beautiful landscapes, rich culture and contagious joy, has become the stage for the largest sporting events on the planet; The 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics But there’s another side to the country… where poverty plagues thousands of children. But now they have the opportunity to compete with 20 nations in the Street Child World Cup. I now see very large shining eyes with motivation to take part in this. They have football in there souls, in the blood and it ends up being a big motivator for them. My name is Vinicius and I play right back. In the end I’ll take a dip here, I’m a brat in the water. My name is Dario Santos, I’m 16 and play midfield. My name is Pedro Ivo Castro and I’m the goalkeeper I thrust myself We came to win, you know. Brazil! Calm, keep calm, I’m here! ♫RASCALS OF THE STREET♫ ♫THE RASCALS ARE COMING♫ This is going to work My motivation to live on the streets was my own mother. She sent me to the streets to ask for money for her. So, when I was on the streets I came across my first orphanage, where I stayed for five years. Right after it, the “Pequeno Nazareno” appeared. What made me live on the streets was my father and mother fighting. My mother asked me who I wanted to stay with and I chose my father. So that’s what happened. I spent six years living on the streets. There were a lot of mean people living on the streets. We walked towards people wearing stained clothes and they just walked away from us. We were dirty. Sometimes we had no food. We were just starving. When I was on the streets, I used to use drugs. I did everything I could to get out of that life. And I got out. So now, I give the others some advice, otherwise there will be just two options for them: jail or death! The police are investigating but they don’t know yet who killed the captain of the Brazilian team. The competition starts this week in Rio de Janeiro. I don’t know the exact motive that lead him to death. But when his mother called me saying what happened I was shocked and very sad. Even until now I don’t understand what caused his death But while he was alive… He was my little black beauty. I called him that and he called me his big black beauty too. Rodrigo, for me.. Was a great son. Never gave me trouble. I miss him so much! If he were here he would be as happy as all of us. We are not really happy, I mean, we are happy but not much because we lost a friend. Besides being an athlete he was a friend to all of us. Including the teacher. All of us. So it’s something really sad. We are thinking about him, not only because he died but also because he was a really good friend. So we are also going there to represent him To represent the street children and to bring home the trophy. That’s OK. The first game is: Brazil against Egypt. Place your bets. I’m anxious about getting there, I want to play soon. Great opportunity. We’ll do well there. My flight was very nice. I really liked it! The arrival of the Brazilian team man! Let me talk. Let me say something: We arrived in Rio! Nice. Welcome my friend! You learned how to speak Portuguese for us? I never, ever thought or it never crossed my mind that I would come here, to Rio. This is a place that I never thought I would put my feet. I’m fulfilling a dream to be here in Rio, to represent Brazil and the street children. I’m really proud of it! Everyone that was there in that place, at that time, at that moment was aware that we should accept everyone as they are. Black or white. Tall or short. Despite the different cultures that we have, we all accept each other. People from everywhere, All over the world. So, we are like that. The moves, the things that they did. The dance that they did from Africa was funny. It was really funny! Football… football is an important weapon. Powerful. They will have the opportunity to dream. Which is something that they didn’t have. Good luck OK? Tomorrow, is it tomorrow that you will play? Yeah, tomorrow! Are you excited? From the streets of Fortaleza to the world It’s time for the Brazilian children to play. We’d like to remember Rodrigo He was team Brazil’s captain and one of their most promising talents He is not here with us today, His past prevented him from realising his dream of playing with us here at the Street Child World Cup We’ll remember him with a minutes silence followed by a minute of applause. Go Mauricio. Go Mauricio, Go! Another goal. With no angle! Champion and really happy! This is us! Wow man! What are they saying? Tell her that I’m saying that they should share this beauty with us that they have. She wants to know if you’ve played any game in the championship? Yes man, We won 4-0. We’re the best! Did you score any? No, I helped in defence. We’re the best! But I helped in defense. Hey man, don’t just say “no”. Come one! So that means you only play if you score a goal? And it’s a goal for Indonesia. And that’s it, the final score: Brazil 0 Indonesia 3 I’m asking you to listen to me, alright? I don’t want to interrupted, OK? Within a game we face many different situations. Since the moment you noticed that the referee didn’t have the competence to rule against the faults properly that you thought were faults We had an imbalance, ok? An emotional imbalance inside the game… that made us lose the game. Let’s clear our minds. Let’s have dinner! Life goes on, and we can recover in the next game! Now let’s go forward! Let’s go forward. It’s already happened. It’s in the past It’s our fault! Every day the coach called us to train and we didn’t want to go. Beautiful girl! We are in a clash with Liberia, a direct clash Where the classification into the quarter final is at stake. We need to win this game to increase the self esteem of the boys and qualify for the quarter-finals. For Rodrigo too guys. This is for Rodrigo and also for us that are here, alright? One, two, three, Brazil! Pass the ball! Guys, you need more motivation, Do you want to let the classification escape from your grasp? 0-0! Come on, let’s go guys! I told you guys you can shoot from anywhere, almost anywhere on this field and score! Victory! It’s to win! Pass That was sensational! In the last few minutes giving a kick like that. It was Diego, from Recife. Thanks Diego! I was saying a prayer for our friend who should be here with us realizing his dream, but unfortunately he couldn’t be here. Even though he is not here in the game, he is here in our hearts and minds! We won because of him. He is with us, in our hearts. It costs nothing to dream. I was a kid once I had a dream of playing someday for the Brazilian team. Of being a world champion. It doesn’t cost anything. I think you have to chase your dream. Never give up! For sure they can get what they want too! That’s it! Brazil Vs USA Brazil are back! Come on USA! Let’s be more aware. Stay calm. This game is not lost. Let’s keep the ball on the floor. Pass the ball, play up the middle. Go, go, go. Goal. He scored one more goal! Hey!!! Hey Ref, Ref! Getting knocked out of the championship was like… losing the FIFA World Cup. I cried and my friend cried. It was very, very, very bad. It was not only bad, it was really bad. They are already champions, being here, in their own country. They are champions. The result doesn’t matter, nothing matters. I like him so much, he’s like a brother to me. Did you lose? Come on, come on, come on, keep your head up. Burundi Vs Tanzania Oh my God, it was a good one, it was a good, it was really what I was expecting for. So I’m really happy for the boys, as I said earlier for them being here they are already champions so I’m really happy about. Thank you very much guys, thank you for the support we got here. Thank you Rio and thank you Brazil! We're back from Rio and life goes on. There's a lot of people that ask me if I won something when I was in Rio. in relation to the financial, I say that I didn't win anything financially but on the other hand I won something that I always wanted and still want; to represent street children The experience was good, getting to known Rio de Janeiro, meeting new people, visiting another place I never thought that I would meet people like this, who don't speak my language, it's only in movies I thought "What are they saying?" It was very good to participate, participate in SCWC. To have an opportunity that not everyone has It is a unique opportunity. The unique opportunity I had to travel, to play, to represent the street children. I know that I will grow up, that I will not be small for ever. I'll grow up someday and will say to my kids: "Years ago, in childhood, your father went through difficulties. He lived on the streets, used drugs Nowadays, he works, keeps his family, and also wants the best for street children. Team Brazil have since been invited to Brasilia (The political capital) by the Brazilian government to discuss the campaign “Children are not from the Streets” The boys put forward a proposal for the rights of street children to governors representing every state in Brazil.

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In greater Fortaleza in the north of Brazil there were 12,777 children and adolescents recorded to be in child labor, living and working on the streets in 2013.
‘Road to Rio’ follows a small group of them who won the chance to play in the Street Child World Cup. The teens go on an inspiring, emotional and often amusing journey whilst they prepare and play in the tournament. This is more than a fascinating window into the lives of street kids; this is their chance to shine.
*52 min edit seen on TV in 19 countries so far in 2015 - this is the exclusive 24min edit preview for kids TV channels & short film festivals.

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