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De Wereld Draait Door - Big Buck Bunny

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an - oops! I almost fell! - an animated movie for only 150.000 euro and made in the Netherlands! while American studios like Pixar and Dreamworks spend millions, the Amsterdam-based Blender Institute creates an animated movie for a fraction of that in addition, the movie will be freely downloadable the director of the movie is here: Sacha Goedegebure as well as Ton Roosendaal from the Blender Institute Welcome Sacha, why... we've seen many animation movies with animals this is another one... Ice Age, Shrek, why again? Yeah, there are lots of them, aren't there.. The cause is really because the software, Blender, had to be further developed, and one of the requirements for this movie was to have good 'fur rendering' so we'd have fur. Fur rendering? fur - ehm, fur [makes no Sense in English, this ;-)] and that had to be developed during the creation of the movie so that was one of the requirements yeah well, I mean the technical side of it... maybe that's more your thing.. let's say it's just a very interesting thing to develop Yes, so the rabbit if the sad main character, in this part at last Ton, so you made a movie for 150000 euros, which is almost nothing, yes, almost a Hollywood production it looks so 'normal' how's that possible? Well, the importance of this movie wasn't so much just about giving it away. I would rather say it's an 'Open Movie' The film has intention to improve the techniques [in Blender]. To do that, we had thousands of people from the internet who gave us money for the DVD, which could be bought nine months ago already. And by making the film we could test the program Blender. That's one of the more important things There's also the fact that everything from the movie is open for everyone to improve on it. So all techniques from the film, but also all creative files, the art, the story boards, the whole story, it's all going to be published next month on the internet. People can watch, learn and use it in nearly any way. How new is this, Sacha? Ton has already done this once before, with another open movie. This recent movie was the second one. Only this time it was done from within the Blender Institute. The first movie was a film with human-like characters, and the story was a bit artsy fartsy… *what* was it?! "Artsy fartsy", somewhat of an artistic story. I'm not allowed to say too much about that of course, because that was his movie as well. But, just to know if I'm correct here, do you understand what they're saying Giel? I guess you're much better with computers than I am. Well yeah, I do, there's just one thing I don't really understand: that fur.. it looks quite complicated and nice. But when I take a look at that grass there.. that's just not nice, it doesn't even move! - Sacha - aaah, come on! - Normally you would see the grass tips move around, wouldn't they? Heh, well, the person who made the grass would probably like to kill you now *laughter* So this is really nice grass? It wasn't my department, it [the comment about the grass] doesn't really bother me *laughs* Ehm, no, not really. Ah well, then I didn't understand it correctly There was a team, made of people from all over the world. Those people came from the Blender community. They could all get to it? [the movie files] Err, there was a team of seven people. All of these worked in Amsterdam for half a year on the film. You definitely do multi tasking then, with seven persons. Each of them has a piece to do? Yes. For example, I did the script, directing, cleaning the toilet, character design, story board.. so.. yeah, that sort of stuff had to happen. Let's take a small look at the 'making of', on how things are made.. If all is okay.. yes. So here we're seeing… ..the story board, that's what it all starts with. It's essential. If it doesn't work in the story board, it won't work in the final movie either. So, this is what you see later on.. ..and what are you testing here? *laughter* Yeah, references eh? We have to try it ourselves as well. To see how you should draw it.. The grass did look a lot nicer in the final movie, I'll admit that! Yeah exactly! It's definitely better than here [in the preview shots], Giel! Well you know, people compare us with Pixar. That's nonsense, it's absolutely nonsense. It's just about making steps forward, and to get closer to that "Hollywood" Isn't it a bit like Linux, where everyone can look at the source and modify it to their own heart's content? Something like that? The program that can be used to make all this is free, but at the same time it's also 'Open Source'. So you can use it freely for commercial films, animation [being an example], and it's the technique that's used in Hollywood. So it's for anyone? Yes. Our software isn't used in Hollywood yet, but we do want Hollywood software to be usable for anyone. -So you see lots of animated porn made with it? That's what people will do with it, right.. ... Look at the title: 'Big Buck Bunny'.. I mean.. ..does that say enough?'s about a bunny anyway! Gentlemen, thanks for being here.

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Duration: 5 minutes and 28 seconds
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Producer: De Wereld Draait Door, VARA,
Views: 12,470
Posted by: bartv on Apr 22, 2008

Dutch TV Programme 'De Wereld Draait Door' interviews Ton Roosendaal and Sacha Goedegebure

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