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C6Lecture2: Galloping On Court

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Hi class this is sort of part 2 of this months lecture. I really felt this was necessary for you to understand for the idea of tightening the coil and using your contrary motion. That is the idea of proper foot work, people talk a lot about stutter steps and little steps, beat the ball to position. Split stepping where you land on both feet at the same time which is really not what is going on out there. You watch a guy like Federer move there is a lot of criss crossing going on. There is a lot of slow movement and timing the ball so he gets to it right as the ball gets to his 45, his racket and his last step is getting out to the 45 degree angle. These players today and the best players don't beat the ball into position, like I was always taught. Get there and be ready and be set and then swing thats really not how you get your best tennis in. You notice probably most of your best shots and most of your students best shots are when they are on the run. They get there just at the right time and their athleticism comes through. Well its something you want to strive for when you are playing. So what I want to talk about in this lecture here is the idea of galloping on the court. That is sort of like your figure 8 here you rise and you fall like this there is a lot of this galloping going on. You will see with guys like Federer who moves so beautifully, he has this galloping going on. What this does when you move like this right you move and you keep galloping and your split step, you will notice is one foot at a time. You don't actually land on both feet its this idea of galloping and you are going to see that in all the great players and how they actually move on the court. This gallop is what positions you ideally so you can actually use your contrary motion, use your 45 and use all the things you have been taught and that sign curve out to the ball. You want to be positionally ideal when you go to stroke the ball. How you do that is through this type of gallop, so this gallop I showed you and one foot hits first and then the second. You will notice in all the great players they have got this gallop going on, so I did want to mention that briefly to you before we start the lessons. Just to introduce that concept to you. So once again I love working with you and keep up the good work.

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Learn the special way the pros cover court.

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