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The Order of Death - Part3

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The Order of Death - Part3 제작 및 감독 : 알렉스 존스 영문 스크립트 및 번역 : 김 세 원 One of the strangest chapters in the unfolding Bohemian Grove soap opera was the fact that local protestors were angry at us bringing up the occult activities in the Grove. They said that we should only spend our time focusing on the political decisions that were made in the Grove. I think it's bad enough to just stick with what they're doing to the globe. Local peace activist Mary Moore had been protesting the Grove for more than two decades. When Mary saw our documentary and heard our take on what we witnessed inside, she went unglued, calling us all sorts of names. We were wacko for thinking these rituals were strange. Why were we reporting on that? For the 2001 protest, the year after we snuck in, Mary turned over control of the organization to other local groups. But she was in attendance. We then caught footage of the local leaders of the protest group actually carrying out their own counter rituals in some type of bizarre white magic versus black magic war. They even had the old fashioned witch's pot. I was wondering where the brooms were. They conjured spirits, brought 'em into the circle, concentrated their power together, and then sent the spell in against the Grovers. Just be in [?] a little circle of protection around all of us and around this place. Hail guardians of the watchtowers of the East. Spirits of air, spirits of changing winds, winds of change, be present here when we do this ritual. So mote it be. I call upon the primal fires of transformation and creation. The shining face of the father and the molten core of the mother, in their sacred union we stand. Sacred fires, be with me now. Oh, spirits of the water! Spirits of this beautiful river that runs past us! We feel you in our blood, moving through our bodies. Let us welcome you as we remember we are one. Oh spirits of the water! Oh spirits of the water! May we not fear the dark place that we enter in order to learn from you, mother earth. Guardians of the North, be with us. This went on for literally hour after hour after hour. Let's move that energy to the center. This love that we're gonna drive across. If you have any symbols painted on you [unintelligible] in the red mass. There's a little spell that we have been working since the election. You mean the appointment. Maybe you say this after me like this. Let power and resources flow. Let power and resources flow. To those who will use them... To those who will use them... For the good of the earth and her people. For the good of the earth and her people. And withdrawn drawn from those who won't. And withdrawn from those who won't. Let's send that spell over there. Then a veteran warlock asked one of the spirits to stay and give Grove members a welcome as they drove in, in their luxury automobiles. Winds of change, spirits of the air, ours of the East. We have felt your presence here and would like for you to stick around and give a warm welcome to the folks that are coming here. But go if you must, please stay if you will. Hail and farewell. Hail and farewell. Does it feel good to get loaded on the slave ships? Giggling, happily, hahaha, face scanning cameras going up, you don't speak against that. In that cauldron is water from sacred places and from political actions all around the world. There's water there from Seattle and from Quebec City and from [unintelligible]. Birth place of uh, Quetzalcoatl, and...

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Posted by: pound on Jan 9, 2011

This new work exposes the connections between the Bohemian Club and Skull and Bones and other occult secret societies.

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