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Liberland President visiting Sarajevo N1

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From 13th April of last year, the world is richer for one new, really extraordinary country. It's about Liberland. Country which do not know about taxes, who's President promises to citizens lot of freedom who's citizen you can become very easy with one click. Liberland! The third smallest country in the world. Founded on nobody's land between Croatia and Serbia on principles of freedom It's founder, Vit Jedlička, on question "why", answers: It was always big challenge to make positive changes and I worked on this in Czech Republic Five years I worked on this that Czech becomes more free country. Like Switzerland. My political opponents told me that I have to create my own country. I told to myself, "Why not! Good idea!" We should do it and set example to other countries. Liberland covers area of 7 sqm which was object of dispute between Croatia and Serbia. Reaction of those countries on foundation of Liberland was extremely unusual. We really had luck that Serbia, only 11 days after foundation of Liberland delivers official document with statement that Serbia does not claims this part of territory and does not recognize it as it's own. Also we are pleased that Croatia helps us to protect our borders. They sent 20-30 policemen which are permanently located on our borders and protect integrity on Liberland. More than 430,000 people requested citizenship of Liberland so far. While only couple of hundreds, officially received it. We need more diplomats, lawyers, we need individuals which will help us in any possible way. I am very pleased that some people already established business in Liberland. We have couple of beer breweries and IT companies That's very useful for development and promotion of our country on Internet. Official motto of Liberland is " To live and let live" This country is still without international recognition. But it works on this matter. It has more than 80 representative offices worldwide. Vladimir Čolaković, N1, Sarajevo.

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