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End The Fed, WTC7, Jekyll Island meeting

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it's all right this is David gergen a former board or the leaders of the update seventh day of November twenty you know for the real lives our top story this week awareness of serious questions about the official government story of nine eleven is rising dramatically as a new advertisement about the mysterious collapse of world trade center buildings seven the DNA hearing in the new York metropolitan area I lost my son is mayaquest the sept eleven think that's most people don't know the third power balance sept eleven world trade center seven forty seven story skyscrapers not get my point official explanation is that on Iraq down buildings over one thousand two hundred architects and engineers look at the evidence believe there is more to this story range of fifteen months and my uncle and aunt my son thousands of others who died on sept eleven erosions building what not board the campaign promoting to believe what the or web site which gives further information about the evidence for the controlled demolition of building seven has been sponsored by a grassroots funding for life promoted by the architects and engineers for nine eleven truth and other organizations the ad will be running on CNN msnbc the comedy channel CNBC VH-ONE it eight other stations until the end of November well there are over three hundred fifty times and is projected to reach millions of viewers in the new York area many of whom have never seen a collapsible the senate the campaign is part of a rising tide of interest in the concerns of the model of interest movement which coincides with the recent release of thousands of idioms of ground zero from the national institute of standards and technology which means the videos in crafting its report on the collapse as of the world trade center but which has been held under lock and key away from public scrutiny I'm still quite freely the %uh for a request from the international center for nine eleven studies many of the newly released previously secret videos reveal new audio evidence of the explosions at world trade center seven prior to its collapse in pollution niece cited the lack of audio evidence of explosions until the seventies its primary reason for dismissing the voluminous evidence that the building was burned down in a controlled demolition now that even more evidence is emerging to show that there is indeed audio evidence is such explosions and that is was be very organization that has been keeping that information secret for the past nine years it remains to be seen what pressure will be brought brought to bear for many investigation on the WTO G-SEVEN collapse in other news this week another television advertisement is generating controversy after it was banned from the area networks linking the seat indeed and the history channel he had produced by citizens against government waste and he deals with the train the issue of increasing US that and was the to controversial by the networks who are refusing to air it I doubt yeah buchanan the plan yeah this the hands of mail hi she said issue on and on Jim morris and senate I'm not saying she in fact daunting down in the future do you have citizens against government waste this spending has been in America precisely what is controversial about the course was not entirely clear especially since it is well known that the US national debt is currently almost fourteen trillion dollars a number almost equal to the gross domestic product of the country and that twenty percent of that that is currently held by China perhaps the idea advertisement can be construed as controversial insofar as it fails to take into account newly released information from the federal reserve itself which shows that the engaging in is no he finished second round of quantitative easing to buy over seven hundred billion dollars in treasury securities over the next six months the federal reserve will in fact overtake China to become the largest holder of US that by the end of this month in other economic news newly released that indicates that over forty two million Americans are now relying on government issued food stamps to buy music groceries recent survey data shows that twenty eight percent of American households have at least one member who is looking for a full-time job the former CEO of America's tenth largest bank went on record earlier this month to declare that the bankruptcy of the US government is now a mathematical certainty credit bureaus are implementing new invasive ways to spy on the personal financial records of potential loan recipients including ways to produce a living in American history as the personal income gains home value another tangential financial data the global economic meltdown is continuing apace as the UK begins it's posterity driven asset fire sale by selling a thirty-year concession two Canadian pension funds to operate the real link between London and the channel tunnel and the nationalisation association has released the worry new inflation estimates because of the devaluation of the dollar caused by the federal reserve's quantitative easing including estimates that twenty three dollars loaves of bread fifty forty five dollar or his cartoons fifteen dollar candy bars and over fifty five dollars firstly the Chinese will Mark answers meanwhile keep current and former officials of the privately-owned central bank of the united states the federal reserve are scrambling to allay global alarm over the crumbling economy and the disastrous decision of the Fed to devalue the eve of the US dollar even further in the face of economic and financial analysts of every conceivable straight bernie he went out of his way to defend this so-called QE two by targeting the semantics of the Fed is not creating inflation the fighting disinflation we are not in the business of trying to create inflation he said of the conference held on the jackal ireland the very spot where makes his living complete secrecy one hundred years ago perhaps their plans for privately control bank for which they control the American economy our purpose is to provide some additional stimulus to help the economic recovery and to avoid potentially additional disinflation speaking at the same conference which many analysts are pointing out to the table more than one hundred are perfect party to celebrate the realization of the original dream of the basis of created the privately with said namely that a tiny group of unimaginably wealthy individuals will be able to steer the economy of America and indeed the world into a depression in order to buy global assets of pennies on the dollar former Fed chairman Paul volcker maybe laughable assertion but the federal reserve has not been in for instance nature and the subject of an increasingly virulent for abortion by people of all stripes and persuasions but in fact the loved and respected institution the federal reserve is respected it is suspected of the time when respect and trust in all our government's intentions is all too rare he lied to the attendees of a trickle of conference it's about respecting that trust but at the end of the day is vital to the acceptance of its independence and his support for its policies as many analysts are nodding and in that city of this statement is easily in a verifiable but the fact of the phrase in the defendant all been adopted by the vast majority of the public who do not believe that a privately-owned institution should have the power to create money out of thin air and and tax decisions citizenry for the pleasure of doing so now it turns over ninety two million results in google searches earlier this week long time federal reserve appointed ron Paul announced that he and his newly elected Senator simon reading the polls will introduce legislation to and the Fed on their very first day in office of the new congressional terms all right and I know that our audience wants to hear about it you want to talk about I got to congratulate you and ray upon your son just blow away the competition last night about any advice you can call up the operative now he culturally after she called off clearly it was awfully surprised that was early the their future higher of that we talked a little bit out there wherever talk about what we might have one thing if I can do is have a joint party on ice wearing in day would let me add that the show are very nice for both of us that's that's kind of nice to have you on the parties that have specific advice on how we should govern you you know I suggested to them we have a at least one specific bill that we've introduce on the first day that both of us are they this how about and the Fed and that and and what monetary policy Thursday to make that point the support of forethought constantly this one hundred sixteen for the record you're from the floor three thousand giving up ownership of our own positions and look at examples of how to educate and inform the public he's fighting back

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