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Mt. Everest Camp 1

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So here we are at Camp 1 at just under 20,000 feet. And we are actually camped now on the Khumbu Glacier. We are in the western Khum, or valley. We are surrounded by the three peaks: Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse. It's kind of a dead-ended valley, and this massive movement of ice is now slowly moving down, being pulled by gravity. And as it goes down over this cliff down below us, it creates the Khumbu Ice Fall. It's about 5 am here. We're headed out through the Ice Fall. Stopped right here below what we call "the popcorn". A lot of big seracs, ice blocks that can move. This is the last place we can really stop safely. We are up through the popcorn. We are probably close to 19,000 feet here. This ice fall - it's a glacier - and it's a living, moving thing. It never stops. It's actually flowing slowly, three or four feet per day, over difficult and steep bedrock. And that's what creates these crevasses, and that's what creates this chaos of ice blocks called seracs, and it's constantly moving, and that's why we wanna move through the ice fall very, very quickly. We are at the top of the football field here - just took a quick break. We had some fairly large seracs up above. Once we are through that, we are home free, up on top, and into Camp 1. So right ahead at the end of the valley here we can see the peak Lhotse. And this is where the glacier begins. You can see series of frozen waves, as the glacier now is slowly moving down the valley. And you can see the striations, or the layers, of annual snowfall in the sections of the seracs that we can see exposed. We're going to spend one night here at Camp 1, and tomorrow we're going to get up early, move to Camp 2, and hope we spend 2 or 3 nights there. And it's really great to be out of Base Camp - that's for sure.

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Posted by: greenbo on Apr 11, 2010

The first step in the dangerous climb to the top

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