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How your donations help - Indiegogo 2015

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My name is Diana and I have a daughter with health issues. In my opinion education and school is very important for any child, regardless of the health issue he or she may have, because all children have the right to be integrated in society, it is necessary that they play with other children, to communicate with children of the same age or older, with children without disabilities and those who might have similar problems. They deserve this, even though they are special children all children with disabilities deserve to have their own social environment. First of all, it will be much easier for us. And it will be better for her – she would see and meet new people, she would see a different environment, a different atmosphere, and new children. Of course, there will be activities, and competent staff will work seriously with my daughter; they will work on areas that are most necessary for her, specific for her level, so she will gain knowledge that corresponds with her level and understanding – it does not need to be exaggerated. For us, this will be a new beginning, a new achievement, and a new experience. There will be new opportunities to make plans. This was impossible for us until now. I think that we, as parents, really need such services, because our children need to be included too. Even if this is what fate prepared for us, and we face health issues that does not mean that we have to be isolated from other people and from the society. I wish that the Unit starts working as soon as possible so that we can benefit from the services that will be provided. I would like to thank the people who have big hearts and are helping to finish the works on the Unit. so that we, the parents, can be happy for the results of our children even though they have special needs.

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Posted by: lumos on Dec 8, 2015

Thank you to everyone who has supported our campaign to help children with disabilities go to school. This video illustrates how the SEU will help families who care for children with disabilities in the Ialoveni region.

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