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GWG Focus Group Series # 2- Therapy-SD

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Just going to like a general psychologist, will they know the disease? Will I have to explain it to them? Cause if they're used to just dealing with like, typical depression, or whatever. They might not get it. So, I, I second that you should find someone that um, specializes in chronic illness. Go find somebody. So how do I, you know I'm like, how do I do that you know? So here I am highly educated you know, smart person and I don't even know how to do this. And I'm like looking on the internet, calling people. I'm making my own list of questions. I'm like, why isn't there a list of questions out there. You know how do you find somebody, with chronic illnesses. And then everybody I talk to like, that had been through things is, they said you know they had to go through five therapists till they found somebody that worked for them. Like I found this one therapist through a GI practice. Um, and so, and then I got in there and I wasted a lot of time with her because she said that she was interested in specializing. But then what happened was she spent so much time trying to come up with deep psychological causes behind me leaving college. And I was like, no. The doctors there told me to go home and that they couldn't take care of me and I was dying. That's why. Like, physical stuff. Or like wanting to find the psychological causes behind avoiding certain foods and I was like, I eat that, I bleed. Like that's not a psychological like-. It's not-. That part isn't like, oh I'm not afraid of corn but also, ow. Right? (laughter) I'm traumatized! No, so that kind of thing. Like just be weary and just when-. Early on though be like, alright what in-. Like what do you think are issues that people with IBD deal with? Because I should have asked that sooner. Cause she was like, uhhhhh, uhhhh, depression, anxiety?. And I was like, OK but... It helps if you just talk to them like, alright, what do you see as common issues? And if their answers suck then find a new person before you waste time, energy and money. You're not beholden to this person that you just happened to see. If you don't like them go somewhere else. And if you like, I had to educate my therapist, counselor, whatever she is. Like first visit, visit and a half on, my medical history is, is extremely lengthy. So, it wasn't just like once I began, "You couldn't have gone over it in just one and a half sessions.". Yeah it's like ok but the way she interacted during the educational process it was like, OK. It's OK. I think she's gonna work for me. You know and I, I knew for sure by the third time. I'm like is this-. Why haven't I got help sooner you know? Because nobody told me sooner. "Exactly.".

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GWG Focus Group Series # 2- Therapy-SD

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