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MyKabbalah Lesson 1 mission 2 Engsmall

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Connect to the Light Welcome back! In the last mission, we were asking the question, If we are Vessels that want to receive the Light all the time, we want to be fulfilled all the time, and the Light is a force of sharing that just wants to give to us all the time, why is it then that we don't feel fulfilled every single moment of our life? So, now we want to ask the question, why? But we want also to know, how to connect with the Light, truly? How to make this Light, and this fulfilment, last in our life? Let me introduce you to a universal principle in Kabbalah, called the "Law of Attraction" The Law of Attraction dictates that, Like attracts Like. So if I want to to have more Light in my life, I just need to be more like the Light. I need to act like the Light. If I'm sitting here all day long, praying and begging, no tricks will help me to receive Light in my life, because I'm thinking about receiving, I'm thinking about taking what I want. If I want to connect with the Light, I need to operate on a different level of consciousness. The consciousness of a receiver, or of a taker, is not sufficient enough, to make me connect with the Light. But what is consciousness? Consciousness, is simply the awareness of how I interpret situations in my life. The natural way, that we act usually in our lives, is just reacting to situations. We are just thinking about, filling us up with what we need, with our immediate needs. The force that operates the lower consciousness, is called "The Ego" The Ego constantly pushes me to look for the easy way out. How can I receive what I want now? Not thinking about the future. Not thinking about consequences. If I want to connect with the Light, I need to recognise, that I'm operating on that lower level of consciousness and shift to a higher consciousness. Let's give an example of, when are we actually operating on a lower consciousness: Let's say you get criticised. How long does it take you, to come up with a perfect cover up story? That will talk you out of this situation? Right? The Ego will immediately come up with amazing excuses, how you are right, and they are wrong. So, what we actually want to know in that situation, is that continuously operating on that level of consciousness, will get me maybe temporary fulfilment, instant gratification, but it will never last in my life. If I want Light and fulfilment to last, I need to switch to a higher level of consciousness, which is operated by my Soul. The Soul, is the force within me, that wants the Light all the time. And therefore, it wants to behave, and act and be like the Light all the time. It's the proactive force within me. Let's say you get criticised, and now you want to operate on a higher level of consciousness, Then, you would simply stop for a moment, and embrace that situation. Understanding, that maybe you can learn something. Maybe there is something that you can change that will make you better. So let's practice a little bit: I would like you to think about situations in your life, where you operate on a lower consciousness level, and when you are operating on a higher consciousness level. So make yourself a list, and write down for yourself situations in your life, where you recognise those moments. Moments of low consciousness, and moments of high consciousness. And remember, low consciousness will constantly disconnect you from the Light. The higher consciousness, is the one that will connect you with the Light. In the next mission, we will learn about those moments, when you have the choice, to switch from a lower consciousness, to a higher one. See you there!

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