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A special report on the chiropractic properties of Liger's Romero Special (English subtitles)

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We're going to investigate if chiropractic patients notice when they're put in the Romero Special during a session. Just the man to ask about the Romero Special: Jushin Thunder Liger. We got straight to the point. - If you were to hook the Romero Special onto a chiropractic patient during a session... - Uh-huh... Our theory is that they wouldn't notice. What the hell are you talking about? So they'd notice? How the hell would I know? They would, then. Obviously they'd notice being placed in a hold! Could you painlessly- How should I know? Stop screwing around! However, after placating Jushin's anger for ten minutes... What do you think? I wonder... I'm not gonna do something like that. What are you gonna do if someone gets injured? After we carefully explained our plan further... Would they notice? I think it depends on how the hold is applied. Yeah, depends on how it's done. Can you apply it painlessly? Yeah, I can. It's up to my discretion, you know. Liger understood our plan perfectly. - Liger was so pissed off at first when he didn't get the idea. - He really was. He can make the hold not hurt. It's up to his discretion, after all. START OF INVESTIGATION For our investigation, Liger will stealthily replace the chiropractor during therapy sessions, and put regular patients in the Romero Special. Will they really not notice being put in the hold? (PATIENT #1 at a chiropractic clinic in Nakano, Tokyo) (Standard therapy) First, a standard therapy session begins. I'm going to work on your calves. - He's scary. - Scary. Does this hurt? Once the patient has been loosened up, Liger makes his run-in. - He's in. - He's going to apply the hold right away? - I'm going to work on your legs again. - OK. Excuse me. As the chiropractor keeps talking, Liger sneaks up and takes his place. I'm going to step on you for a bit. Do you feel OK? Does this hurt? I'm going to hold your arms, and pull you backwards. Please relax. I'm going to lift you up. There we go. He's locked it in! Are you kidding me? I'm going to lift you up. There we go. How does it feel? Are you OK? - His eyes are closed! - Are you feeling the stretch in your front thighs? - How does it feel? - Good. I'm going to put you down now. Stay face down, and relax. Liger leaves the room at this point. The guy didn't notice at all. How do your front thighs feel? Did the patient really not notice he was in the Romero Special? Did you feel any discomfort? No, it was fine. You had to lean back pretty far, right? Yeah, the stretch felt good. There we go. Amazingly, Liger successfully applied his mighty signature hold without being noticed. After the session was over, one of our staff told the patient what we had done. That wasn't medical treatment? Why'd you do that? Shockingly, not only did he not notice the Romero Special, he didn't even notice that he had a new chiropractor. We could say that our theory had been proven correct, but we were having fun, so we ended up doing more tests. Next, a female patient came to the clinic. - That's dangerous. - Is she really going to be OK? After the normal therapy session, "he" made his appearance... Let me know if something is too painful. - Lately, I haven't been taking care of myself. - Is that so? I can tell. The backs of your legs are tight. After Jushin was completely on board, he made another run-in. I'm going to shake your legs a bit as I work on the areas around your legs, OK? Here I go. First, I'm going to shake your legs. Shake shake shake, shake shake shake. - He's good. - How does that feel? Any discomfort? I'm going to step on you for a bit. I'm going to tilt back. Relax. Does that hurt? I'm going to hold your arms. Relax, because I'm going to roll backwards. OK, here we go. Don't be startled. Here we go. Oh! There we go. - That surprised me. - Did it? - Oh! - Beautifully done! There we go. - That surprised me. - Did it? - Does it feel good? - Yes. Do you feel the stretch in your front thighs? Yes. How does that feel? Are you feeling the stretch? I'm going to let you down slowly. Stay as you are, and lie face down. Relax, relax, relax, relax. - That was a surprise. - Was it? I'm going to work on your back now. Did you feel any discomfort? Just surprise. I wasn't expecting that... - Did it feel good? - Yes. Even after that, Here we go. - Does that feel OK? - It's fine. I'm going to lift you up. Wah! Can you rotate your neck? Relax. Relax. Just like that. You're doing great. - Does that feel OK? - Uh, yes. Everyone said it didn't hurt. Our result: All five people put in the Romero Special failed to notice the hold. Why didn't any of them notice? Once again, we asked Liger for an explanation. Well, It IS a stretch... so to speak.

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Posted by: smartspark on Jan 30, 2019

Wednesday Downtown conducted an investigation to get the answer to a burning question: would patients at a chiropractor notice if Jushin Liger snuck up on them and put them in the Romero Special?

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