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Abbott Bilbao Cut 9c HD

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The clinical management unit from Alava laboratories originally consisted five independent labs. But after the integration process, the result has been one central lab (hub) and four peripheral nodes (spokes), but within the same organizational structure. The laboratory is located on the eighth floor of the outpatients building in the Alava University Hospital, located in Vitoria. This new laboratory integrates all disciplines: biochemistry, hematology, microbiology. It serves a population of 240,000, it processes an average of 2,000 requests per day and has a 62-person staff. Abbott understood the transformation and the organizational change required by Osakidetza’s master plan. Abbott is a company with a great technological development and offered us such guarantees of efficiency, security, innovation and future. We selected Abbott because it was a good fit to our objectives, and those of our clinical management unit at three levels: organizational, patient care and economic. The criteria for choosing a technological partner were economical and technical. The Abbott company has proven to be the most advantageous offer both technically and economically. Abbot’s platform automates all pre- and post-analytical processes and always under an open, flexible and scalable model. Both its setup and its fine-tuning was a laborious process that has counted with an important collaboration from Abbott’s staff, always working together with our lab professionals. The main achievements, after the collaboration agreement with Abbott have been remarkably improving the efficiency with savings on two levels: 30% in operation, and between 5 and 6% in personnel. At this time, virtually 100% of the samples entering the chain have their results in the day. The economic results have been very efficient. Costs on personnel and operation have been reduced, which has led to a reduction of 12% in cost per-capita in one year. We are very satisfied of the innovative architectural design, of the process organization, of the management model, and also, of having created, in collaboration with Abbott, a laboratory that meets current and immediate future needs. This collaborative project between Ozakidetza and Abbott, we can say that it is being successful: both are in synch regarding goals, vision and future. Definitely, I can confirm that it is proving to be a success.

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Abbott Bilbao Cut 9c HD

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