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2015 ITU World Triathlon Chicago - Elite Men's Highlights

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Chicago, Illinois is the spectacular setting for the Grand Final of the 2015 ITU World Triathlon Series. It was Javier Gomez's race to lose. He came in with a 225 point lead over Mario Mola. Vincent Luis was back in third overall. And that meant that Gomez just needed a top three finish to guarantee retaining his title. Richard Varga unsurprisingly was the quickest man in the water. A revamped course because poor weather in Chicago had damaged the podium. Starting on the shore, none of it made any difference for the man from Slovakia who came out first. Aaron Royle who's had an excellent second half of the season was right there. Sven Riederer was too within thirty seconds of the lead. But the main point was that Gomez well in touch. Off with the wet suit for Varga, but Gomez just fifteen seconds or so behind. And a great swim for Mario Mola, the best in his WTS career. He was just fifteen seconds adrift. And for the bikes, a strong French team, and Johnny Brownlee was back in action having recovered from a stress fracture. Gomez though safely tucked into the pack. Aiming for a ninth successive podium finish in the Outright Series. What an astonishing consistency from the Spaniard who's now 32 years of age. The lead pack had around about a minute's lead initially, but by the time they came to 5k from home, it was one large group of sixty men into T2. Richard Murray was in the chasing pack for much of the bike leg but he caught up by the time they prepared for the 10k run. Big crowds in Chicago, very sunny day, in stark contrast to the thunderstorms that we saw here on both Thursday and Friday. Vincent Luis trying to get on the podium overall for the first time in his career. Ben Kanute was one of four men who established a small gap coming into T2, but it didn't take long for the superior runners in the field to catch up. Inside one lap in fact, Kanute with almost an envious look across at the likes of Mola and Gomez, the two Spaniards set to fight it out for the remainder of the run. By this time, Gomez knew he was going to be world champion. A top three finish assured, but he still wanted to win the race and he tried to break Mola on more than one occasion. But his fellow countryman wasn't having any of it. He stuck to Gomez like a limpet. Mola, in fact the only man in the entire WTS series to have competed in all ten events in 2015. And suddenly there was a gap. Mola had won the first event of the season in Abu Dhabi and was about to win the last. A look back, no danger. Gomez's race was run. But he was happy enough in second, guaranteeing himself a record-breaking fifth world title. Finally Simon Lessing's four crowns have been beaten. Mola enjoying the moment. But really it was Gomez's day. Huge friends those two. There's also massive mutual respect between them. They had to wait some thirty seconds before the third man crossed the line. Mola bowing to Gomez as a sign of respect for a man who has secured a fifth world championship. Richard Murray a great effort in third. He was in the chase pack on the bike for the majority of that particular leg, but a wonderful run. Grajales in fourth. It was Mola's day, but Gomez stealing the headlines. And in the overall championship, Gomez beats Mola into second with Vincent Luis in third. I felt great since the beginning I wasn't sure, I didn't know I was as well located in the bunch at the beginning of the bike I think I've done one of the best races of my life Javier - 5 time world champion Hows does that sound? Sounds great! I can't understand it yet. I will need some time to really understand what I've done these last few years Just amazing today. I felt good I had a great race I felt really good on the run - I just couldn't beat Mario he was just so strong, but I am really pleased with getting the title and the podium.

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2015 ITU World Triathlon Chicago - Elite Men%27s Highlights

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