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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~12:15:41 - 12:30:41

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Now, I am going to play two times. Hehehe. I'll show you. Nail it, and then it will be your service. ― Here is how you should do it. ― Hehehe. ― It won't work. ― Oh, yeah. ― Oh, no. ― It is alright, I'll throw them. And how many can one serve? Please let me play for you. Please, Zhanna, let me play too. Look at the ball. It flew like a spaceship! Now, it is my turn to serve. Zhanna, please let me play something else. ― Let's play Batman. ― What? We play Batman everyday. ― Tennis is fun. ― Tennis? ― Yes. ― How many today? ― Six. ― Oh, no. ― It's alright, I'll win it. ― Six, and four on Saturday. ― On Saturday? ― So, shall we let this girl go? ― Yeah. I want to play tennis! Zhanna, will you play Batman? We won't play Batman. Let's play tennis. We have been playing Batman all day. Push it. It will work itself. I am going to turn on this one. It is a fun one. Really? And what about this one? ― No, another one has already... ― No, nobody selects this one. No, this one. ― Where shall I push? ― "A," one and two. ― Where? One and two? ― Here it is. It does not seem to work. ― Maybe you are pushing two? ― No, three. Here it is. What? I am doing sound. Push this one. We can't. Hey! I can't make it work. ― Zhanna's is working. ― No. This one is better. Cool, right? Bless you! ― Oh, let's try this one, let's try it. ― No. ― Guys, your batteries are dead. ― That's it. ― Here it is! ― No more batteries. I'll bring the charger. Wait a little bit. For now, play something else, Zhanna. Here it is. Zhanna, I am playing now! I am playing now, Zhanna. Now I am playing, by myself. Zhanna, I am playing now. Now I am playing, Zhanna. I am playing now. Zhanna! I am playing now. ― Roma has turned off the game. ― No, what are you talking about! Do it the other way! ― Hey, Zhanna, set up for two... ― But I want... Zhanna, give it to me. It is my turn now. You have already played two times. Just now, you have played twice already. It is my turn now. Zhanna! It is me now. Now, I am playing by myself. Zhanna, it is me now. ― Zhanna! It is me now! ― Zhanna, Zhanna, Zhanna. ― Now I am playing, tell her. ― The batteries are dead. ― Give it to me, I'll do it myself. ― That's it, the batteries are dead. Start it now while you can play it. ― Zhanna, it is my turn. Can I play? ― Yes, go play outside for now. No, we'll watch a movie. ― Which movie are you going to watch, Zhanna? ― This one. ― No, this one. ― This one? ― Yes. Wait, we've forgotten to turn it off. I'll take the remote. Please don't fight over the seat. ― Will you give me the remote after?. ― OK. I'll take that small one, so that I won't need to switch anything. Don't change anything for now, OK? You are not allowed. No remote for you. ― You'll never play any... ― You are too small to decide. I can do it. ― Right? ― Yes, you can. I can too. But where is... Oh. ― I can do it myself. ― OK, do however and whatever you want. Which do I push? Yes, this one. ― This is our favorite show. ― Yes. ― Movie, right? ― Yes. Aku. Aku. Aul. Aul. ― Alma. ― It is an apple, not an "alma." Ayu. ― Aslan. ― It is beautiful, right, Zhanna? Because it is me. And this one... is not me. Only please don't be this one. There will be a girl there. This is me. ― Is this a boy or a girl? ― A girl. What beautiful hair! ― This one is a girl. ― A boy. ― A girl. This lion is me. That lion is me, myself. ― Is that it? ― Only one minute and that's it? ― Yes. You know which one? Put the same one, I haven't seen it from the beginning. You know which one to put in? I'll show you which one. Let's do this one, we did not finish it yesterday. Shall we do this one? Let's do it! These ones are the same. ― Shall we? ― No, this one. ― We didn't have this one, right? ― We did not see this one yesterday. Oh... Just as it was there, right? Right, Zhanna? Ayran. Chay, bay, chay, may. ― Koy. ― Is this a girl? ― No. ― A boy? ― Yes. Oh, this is me. This is me. This is me. ― Ah, what a beautiful dress! ― This is a girl. Ayna. ― One minute, and it is over, isn't it? ― Yes. You know which one we will watch? We haven't seen this one. ― This is gold, Zhanna. ― Yes. And now it is a book. I can... Wow, we haven't seen this one! Kalhash, kayu. ― This is me! ― So beautiful! ― This is me.― And this is me. ― This is me! ― Me! This is a girl. ― Boy! ― Girl! ― This is me! ― This is me! ― This is a girl, so it is me. ― It's me, a boy. ― This is a girl! This is me. Kaz. What a beautiful face this girl has! ― This is a boy. ― This is me. ― This is me!. ― This is an ant. ― This is me, so beautiful! So little and beautiful, right? ― And this one. ― There was no rabbit. No, there was. Oh yeah. I am going to show you something! You know which one to put in? Which one haven't I seen? This one. Zhanna, why are standing in front of the TV? Keep back! Keep back! ― OK. Let's do this one. ― No, we have already seen it. No, I haven't seen it. I don't want to... The batteries are dead. ― Zhanna? ― What? ― I am going to see where... ― They are not there! ― Where then? ― Over there. ― Zhanna? ― What? ― I can't find it. Give it to me, Zhanna. Please give it to me. ― Go. ― What? I am playing now, Zhanna. ― Two times each. ― I am playing now, Zhanna. ― Let's do together. ― Bring the remote then. ― Give it to me. No, it is me. ― No, you first. ― Give it to me. ― The show is over. ― Hey, it's me.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 78
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 3, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 12:15-12:30 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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