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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~10:31:23 - 10:46:24

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What? It's at the door. Is the guy that sells corn around? Come on. Some are talking to her now, others are just leaving her be. Is that the way to behave? Whoever is finished can go out for a break. If you've finished, please, you can go out for a break. -You grabbed the pen before I finished writing? -Here! Are you done? I was calling you, but you didn't hear me. What was I telling you? -You're getting taller and taller! -Don't lie! You need to share a little! Oh my, you're not done yet? What's left is just that I want to use bigger words, that's all. -Look at him. -Hey, come on. Come in? You've made a a little mistake, you should have done this. -Can you share the peanuts? -Everyone already shared them. -But they gave some to everyone. -Who did they give them to? -Natasha. -Should I go ask her? -Aida, could I have some? Me, Aida? Bertha's gone outside. Is there any meat? Peanuts? Like this. I can't see. Don't touch me. Come here so I can tell you, he says you should tell him that he should take those things. I'm not joking! He told him that he shouldn't take them. Tell him that he's lying, and that he should take those things. -You should take those things! - Edith, should you run away? Oh, come on! Come here so that I can go buy them for you. -What will we buy them? -Edith, you're the one running away from the video guy. -What should I buy? Donuts? -Anything at all. Did the filmmaker give them to you? -Did Dad give them to you? -What? -Dad and the filmmaker? -Who gave them to you? -Edith keeps smiling. -It's mine. But don't kneel on the ground. Don't talk. Hey why did you tell him that he should be talking? I thought he went there so that they can hear what he's saying. No, they said that when I want to talk, I should be talking into the camera. What will you be talking to? With the camera. That is if I want to, that's all. But don't argue. How do they want you to talk? Talk in English! Speaking. All of them, ah! So are you going to share? -I don't want it. -I want to share some with him. Hey, you'll get hit if you go there. Here! -Let's go, the bell has gone off. -Here, drink some! Hey, let's go? Ape, that's silly! -Let's go, let's go. -If someone puts their leg here, I'll beat him. They're taking pictures of what's in our stomachs too. Will we drink some of your water? He has some. Solomon, you'll regret this, do you hear? Even take a fall. Lidi, here! Lidi, here! Here. Your friends are running away. -All your friends are running away from you. -We've brought them. We've brought them. Did he give it to you? I will give him 50 kwacha. What's that? I don't know, that's your problem. I thought 50, 50. I thought 50, 50. Are they talking about netball? Are you playing ball today? Aida, aren't they going to film you anymore? He should stop filming. Okay. You're moving the desk here. What? Is that what you want them to see you doing? You, you don't have a jersey! -Site! -Hey, Site! She says you don't have a jersey! Did you hear her? Right, right, wait a little Site. Natasha is saying that she was talking about me. She was talking about me. -Well then, I guess I am. -Hey, you don't have a jersey - so there, Site! Site, just tell her that the filmmaker's left You don't have a jersey! Site, just tell him that the filmmaker will go on Tuesday. You don't have a jersey. Well I wasn't late. -Jealous because her dad is a white man. -Her dad, I don't know her dad. Keep on copying! Will you let me have some? Yeah, he's gone. It's not right that he eats a lot. Are you going to eat in class? I won't eat yet. Excuse me, I'm going to get my knife. Eat with it, Gogoma. Eliza, take my writing pen. Eliza, my writing pen. Hey, Eliza! -I'll give you time to write. I'll give it you. -Why don't you just leave it with her? -Sit with yours? -Did you hear that he won't give them to you? -They left. -They'll give it to you. -Ok. -They'll leave. Yeah. -They left. -Hey, just go sit there. -They left. -Guys, we look like we're just beating each other up. -Oh my! They're making it lively, they're showing on TV. You'll be seen on TV. -What? -People are coming into class. -Is the teacher coming in? Agnes? No, she's not coming in. She's coming. There's the madam, there's the madam. She's erasing the board.

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Duration: 15 minutes and 2 seconds
Country: Malawi
Director: Jason Price
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Posted by: glm_administrator on Jun 24, 2008


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