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30 years in the Middle East | Sector spotlight: Technology with Accenture

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We are celebrating our 30th year of operations in the Middle East this year and we thought it would be great to speak to some of our long standing clients about their experiences of change in the region over that period. So to start things, what are some of the changes that you and Accenture have experienced in the Gulf region over the last 30 years? One of the big changes that we experienced in the last 5 or 10 years has been the way we work and the way we live. New technology are demanding new talents, and at the same time people are demanding new ways to work, so these two trends together is requiring new talent but also strategy for organisations. And this is more true in the Middle East, where there are so many initiatives about digital transformation and innovation. How have you seen technology impact how business is being done in the region over the last 30 years? Well, we are definitely in the middle of a big transformation and the Middle East is definitely open, very open on transforming themselves. What I can say that based on our recent research, 46% of companies in the Middle East feel they are being disruptive, they are under disruption today. Are you seeing technology disruptions improve the business environment and the ease of doing business in the region as well? Definitely and Accenture's vision is to improve the world, how the world works and lives. One of the areas that I think we are also very proud to live in this part of the world, these countries, they have a vision, they have a short term and a long term vision and they have an ambition to transform. We have talked a bit about responsible business. How have you seen approaches to responsible business changing in the region? It has been changing a lot and I think it really did transform around the world and the Middle East is definitely part of it. Responsible business is one element that is definitely part of our agenda and we see that it is an increasing demand also from our clients as well, from the ecosystem and the government. There is a need to have an integrated approach across sustainability, social innovation and responsible innovation, responsible A.I and this is incredible, inspiring I would say. Technology seems to have an increasingly significant impact on all of our lives and we've seen that in the past and it is inevitably going to continue into the future. How do you see technology and technological developments impacting the environment in which we live in the Middle East into the future, in the next 5 or 10 years to come? A big transformation. We are in the middle of a big transformation and the way technology is going to impact, I see it definitely in an optimistic way. We are going to live in the smartest way and also work in the smartest way. And that’s why we continue to work across our ecosystem on the workforce of the future. So partnering with universities, partnering with our clients as well and also with organisations, civil community. And when these are all together and working together for the same goal, that’s where we believe also Accenture will make the biggest impact.

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The Middle East has a phenomenal story, going through exceptional transformation and unprecedented growth over the past three decades. As Clyde & Co celebrates its 30 years in the Middle East, we've asked our clients to share their reflections on how things have changed in their respective industries during that period.
In this video, Francesca Gori at Accenture shares her thoughts on the development of the Technology sector, the impact of digital transformation and the importance of responsible business.
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