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Oil wrestling in northern Greece.

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Oil wrestling in northern Greece, video © [email protected] In this video we will see scenes from the wrestling festivals that take place in the area of Thrace-Greece. We will see scenes from the oil wrestling festival in the area of "Χίλια-Chilia" from the August 2005. and the wrestling festival "Αλάν-τεπε Alantepe" from the August 2006.. Briefly, that the last years two wrestling festivals are taking place in the region of Rhodope and Evros Prefecture.. In August (the festivals change dates every year) the first wrestling festival takes place at "Χίλια - Chilia". and in the end of August the second wrestling festival takes place in the region "Αλάν-τεπε Alantepe" at Rhodope prefecture. Oil wrestling is the national sport of Turkey but it is widespread around the countries of the Balkans. For example in Bulgaria and Kosovo. Oil wrestling is also connected to the orthodox Christian festivals at Serres Prefecture (northern Greece). In the video we will see some scenes from the wrestling festival in the village Terpni (Τερπνή) from Serres Prefecture.. from May 2008.. Before watching scenes from the oil wrestling, Christos Paggeas from the website about wrestling will introduce the rules of wrestling.. Hello George.. how are you? ;-) Tell us something about wrestling.. something about the traditional oil wrestling.. what is the difference between free or Greco-roman wrestling.. I am trainer and athlete of Greco-roman wrestling.. The difference between Greco-Roman and Free wrestling is the use of legs.. In Greco-Roman wrestling is prohibited to use the legs.. in order to win.. or to use or couch the other's wrestler legs.. in order to win.. traditional wrestling is more close to free wrestling.. in the most traditional wrestlings festivals.. There are some minor difference in the rules.. also in the dressing and the way you win.. oil wrestling has a style between Greco-Roman and Free wrestling.. But its style is more close to free wrestling.. it is allowed to block the other wrestler and use the legs.. it is allowed to block the other wrestler legs.. Is the winner the one who will go down? When the other wrestler go down? or when he will go down with his back? rules? The win yes.. it is clear the most oil wrestling festivals in Northern Greece.. If your shoulder blade go down to the ground.. you loose.. depending always were the wrestling is taking place.. The wrestling is finishing then.. But this is not the case in the Olympic wrestling.. But there are many variations depending of the wrestling festival.. I have heard many stories of traditional wrestling.. in some case.. they stopped the wrestling in the night and they continued next morning.. for two days.. I have even heard a story of 3 days wrestling.. Today some of the administration team of wrestling.. decide new rules in order not the wrestling to take long.. ie. if somebody will pass by the other.. this is the limit.. and the wrestling is finished.. They administration team of the festival modifies the rules.. The put a new time limit for the wrestling.. The let the wrestling to continue.. if after 10 minutes there is no winner.. they decide that the one how gets the point.. is the one who will pass behind the other wrestler.. Or the winner is the one you will manage to put down the other wrestling.. even with the chest. Even if this is not feasible.. I have seen in many wrestling festivals.. then nobody is declared as winner.. If 10 minutes are passing.. and there is no winner.. then nobody wins.. There is no winner in the wrestling.. I think that all enough! I believe the same.. we said a lot! ;-) You will use video-editing.. in these scenes.. The following scenes are from the wrestling festival at "Χίλια-Chilia". 7 August 2005.. In the wrestling festival we can see a large oriental bazaar.. This festival is very popular in the Muslim minority of Thrace.. even it is not widely advertised.. It is interesting the music from the street musicians.. with zurnas and percussions.. The most popular event in the festival that attracts even tourists from Bulgaria and Turkey.. is the oil wrestling.. In oil wrestling there are wrestlers not only from Greece.. but also from Turkey and Bulgaria. Some local newspapers from Rhodope.. ie. newspaper "ο Χρόνος".. are referring to these festival as only Turkish festivals.. with imported athletes.. with speeches in Turkish.. invited officials from Turkey.. and Turkish music groups.. that are invited by the local administration of the festival but with guides of the Turkish Consulate of Komotini.. So.. the next year.. August 2006, in the same period with festival of "Χίλια - Chilia".. relived as a protest to the festival of "Χίλια-Chilia".. a similar festival.. the festival of "Giala Bektasis" that it is supposed to have 600 years history.. By the way.. probably nationalistic or patriotic are the reasons.. that these oil wrestling festivals in Thrace probably are not advertised or shown in the mass media.. Even if you search in Internet.. you you not find a lot of references.. The difference in the oil festivals in Serres Prefecture is that the festivals.. are connected to the Greek-orthodox Christian festivals.. We are in the village "Τερπνή - Terpni" in Serres.. The Christian festival of "Ζωοδόχου Πηγή - Zoodoxou Pigi" take place every year the Friday after easter.. Parallel with the religious festival.. is it organized a oil wrestling festival.. Speech of the president of oil wrestling.. The festival started.. wrestlers concentrate.. wrestle like lions.. This year oil wrestling has 250 years..

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Duration: 37 minutes and 36 seconds
Year: 2010
Country: Greece
Language: Greek
Producer: Georgios Giannopoulos
Director: Georgios Giannopoulos
Views: 1,831
Posted by: ggia on Jul 21, 2010

English: Documentary film about oil wrestling in northern Greece. In the film we can see scenes from the oil wrestling in the region of Thrace and Serres Prefecture.

Greek:Ταινία τεκμηρίωσης για τα πανηγύρια πάλης στην Βόρεια Ελλάδα. Παρουσιάζονται τα πανηγύρια πάλης με λάδι που γίνονται στην περιοχή της Θράκης και συγκεκριμένα στην τοποθεσία Χίλια και Αλάν-τεπε από την μειονότητα. Παρουσιάζεται επίσης η πάλη με λάδι που οργανώνεται στην περιοχή των Σερρών και συσχετίζεται με τις ορθόδοξες χριστιανικές γιορτές.

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